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    I was fortunate enough to copy information from the SHO Phoenix Project webpage. I have most files in .pdf form, so I don't really know how i'm going to post them on here. If you message me with your email, then I will try and send you the files when I have free time. If you don't know what the phoenix project was, it was a guide(with photos) on how to perform most maintenance on the SHO.

    Word Documents:

    60K Parts List
    SHO Replacement Parts Intervals
    Suspension Guide

    .pdf Documents:

    Aluminum Subframe Bushings
    Ball Joint
    Block Warmer
    CID Sensor
    Clutch Replacement
    CV Joint Replacement
    Front 60K Guide
    Upper 60K Guide
    Front Brake Guide
    Front Motor Mount
    Fuel Pump Access Door
    Gen II Center Console
    Heater Core
    Rear Swaybar Bushings
    Rod Bearing
    Tie Rod End
    Transmission Disassembly
    Trouble Codes
    Valve Stem Seals

    All the .pdf's have the photos from the phoenix project webpage and I tried to organize them the same way. I don't know if anyone transferred that page to anywhere else, but I couldn't find anything. I copied everything when it was obvious that the page was on its way out.
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