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Would you sell yours for $2,000?

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    May 2, 2019
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    My step dad who had the closest thing he could have to his dream car his 93” SHO not the 89” his favorite year. But as a kid it was his favorite car after figuring out what it was all about as we at one point went through. The car was sold after he had his collar bone broken and a kid on the way. This car was the same granny sedan that got me mine. And I will always miss this car. I met the new owner before he bought and he was a good listener asking the good questions as a good buyer he also was the type to listen to everything the car had to offer and what it’s drawbacks were. I am thankful it isn’t going to eat wrapped around a tree by some douchebag. It’s in good hands now and it will be missed now all I have to do is make my SHO just as beautiful if not better than his old one and it will be in due time. Now as he said he’s on to the “big” boy toys his, fox body, that’s shooting for 9’s. I thought it was cool we had 3 SHOs in one gas stations all being MTXs.

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