Resistance felt in steering turning right

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    My son describes this issue: When turning the steering wheel to the right from straight ahead when driving, resistance is felt. Applying more pressure to the wheel overcomes the resistance, and then it lessens as the wheel continues to be turned more. He says it gradually goes away as the car warms up. Doesn't happen turning left. Because of that, I'm thinking steering rack. I suppose it could be a strut bearing. Ball joints are relatively new, so I'm discounting that possibility. What do you think? Anyone experienced this?
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    Any difference in effort with change in rpm? typically, if resistance is felt at idle but goes away at 1500-2000 rpm, that is a defining symptom of steering rack issues. Not sure how VAPS could affect a one-sided problem, I suppose you can keep it as a fallback idea. Not thinking fluid either coz of the one-sided-ness.

    Suspension bits are definitely worth checking, hard to say what could be involved, without any noises. There are several poor quality aftermarket suppliers out there, but I don't think someone of your knowledge level and experience would have used them. People do that on the Edge all the time, and OEM/Moog are usually the way to go. OEM by far.
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