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Discussion in 'Hall of Fame or Shame' started by Bizzy, Jul 2, 2007.

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    Over the past years this section has gone from being unmoderated like all the other sub-forums on SHOForum to being moderated, where all threads were allowed to be started but all posts made afterward were put into a moderation queue for approval prior to being released. The reasoning behind that was to hold down on the bitchfests that often came of some threads. Some of you old timers know what I'm talking about.

    Since the moderation queue was enacted, I've often stated that as long as a post was made in a mature way that it would be allowed, regardless of who or what it was about. It was the most fair way I could think of doing things. By doing so, some felt that I was turning my back on friends which to me, was not the case at all. It's called being a neutral party.

    In the past I've been accused of being biased toward sponsors of the forum which I don't think has been the case as I've allowed posts about sponsors in this section, but whatever.

    I've been accused of "not being a friend" to some that had posts made about them in this section because I allowed the posts to remain here. That doesn't change anything because I still have to remain neutral here on the forum. It still hurts me on a personal level though.

    Here on the forum and this section in particular, I'm not allowed to take sides. That's just the way it is. When it comes to the forum I will be as neutral as I possibly can. I guess it's a concept that's not easily understood. All I know is that it makes sense to me and I tried my best to maintain a neutral standpoint.

    As of today, this section will no longer have the moderation queue and will be immediately viewable once made. This will release me from the responsibilities of going through and reading/approving posts made.

    Just a forewarning to those who enjoy reading this drama-llama section....there will eventually be inappropriate language that will sometimes be posted in such a way that it will bypass the swear filter on the forum. If you don't like that type of thing, the only advice I can give you is don't read this section.

    In total frustration I wash my hands of this section.

    If you find a post or language offensive, use the report a post function and I'll be notified of it and I might review it. Do not expect it to be removed however. I may just edit out the language....or I may not edit it at all. As I said, I will no longer be accused of being biased either way.

    If those who accuse me of being biased towards sponsors of the forum, then no longer will that be the case.

    To those who accuse me of not being a friend because I allow posts made to stay, if you can't understand why I had to stay neutral in the past and why I have to stay neutral in the future regarding posts in this section and the forum in general, then I don't know what to tell you other than try to put yourselves in my shoes and walk the tightrope like I have to walk every day. I try to do my best to stay neutral and still keep the forum as top notch as possible.

    So y'all just have at it. Our community is small but for some reason the drama is huge. I want no part of it. Each person is accountable and can answer for what they do in this community. No longer will I be put in the middle of it.

    I should add that there are no moderators in this section. This means that if any posts are edited or deleted that it was done by me alone so any finger wagging should be done at me alone. Not that finger wagging at me will get you anywhere. I make calls the best I can, again, being as neutral as I can be but also keeping the best interest of the forum at heart. If you have a complaint about a deleted or edited post I highly suggest you send it to me via PM or email. As per the forum rules, posts can be deleted or edited without notice. Threads that are started asking why a thread was deleted or edited are HIGHLY frowned upon.

    That is all I have to say.
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