Recommendation on adjustable fuel pressure regulator

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    Building a 3.2 motor bored out to 3.3 with high compression pistons, SHONut cams, larger valves, ported intake, and a few other things but naturally aspirated.

    I run a fuel cell in the car and am now using a surge tank with a Walbro GSS342 255lph fuel pump. I understand this will overwhelm the stock fuel pressure regulator. I am not running a 255lph pump because I think the motor needs it; it’s just what fits the surge tank and is what the manufacturer of the surge tank recommends.

    I was going to order the SHONut kit but I already have steel braided lines from the fuel cell and AN fittings so the kit would have stuff I don’t need.

    Would plumb a fuel pressure gauge off the regulator but looking for a recommendation on the regulator. I don’t know much about them, assuming I just need an adjustable regulator with a return port and vacuum port.

    I was also going to plumb it before the fuel rail vs stock SHO having it after. Any issue with that?
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