Probe Sho 3.2 Turbo Build

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    May 7, 2008
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    It's been a bit slow lately due to a thrown back and parts, but last weekend brakes were finished up. New master cylinder, Wilwood proportioning valve, and stainless flex lines. The only original brake lines left on the vehicle are the 2 running from the firewall back to the rear wheels. Everything in the engine bay was replaced.

    On the clutch front, I guess there was a mix-up at the company and we were sent a stock replacement clutch, not an uprated one. Kinda suspected this when we started comparing rivets, machine marks, etc. Confirmed that there was no difference in clamping pressure with a scale. On the plus side, the company has acknowledged the mistake and is sending out a new clutch that will be correct (hopefully!)

    The mockup axles have been mailed out, should be hearing from Dutchman any day now...
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