Power Steering - high pressure hose leak

Discussion in 'V8 - Maintenance & Troubleshooting' started by 98SF19, Dec 16, 2017.

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    Heatshield? Bracket for which bolt? Based on what I have below, I may be getting a new one.

    Warning to anybody looking for replacement O-rings, crush ring, and shaft seal for the Gen3 ps pump . . .
    I got a kit off Rock Auto of various O-rings, a shaft seal, and a small aluminum cylinder. 4 of these should have fit my pump, but only 1 did - the small innermost ring separating the stator disc and the outside of the machined housing shaft bore. The crush ring for the metal (copper?) intake hose bracket was a smidge too large, but still do-able (so I did it). The large o-ring on outside of stator disc was a little too small but seemed to stay on the lip well enough to work (fingers crossed). What I was really interested in with all this was replacing the shaft seal seated behind the bearing. It seemed to be leaking a bit. So I got the one that came with the kit, which was too small, and even a separate one off Rock Auto. Guess what? It was the same size as the other. So I put the old one back in and I'm 50% expecting it to leak within 6 months, especially considering the other rings' fitment issues. However, I did get the Teflon ring on the hard line, and even did some Teflon tape, double over long ways and wrapped about 3 times around (6 layers).
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    The 90 degree bracket that bolts the pressure line to the uim and the fancy heat shield sleeve

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