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    I just bought a 2010 mks. I am very new to these cars. So please be kind! Cause I have a couple of questions about increasing the performance. So here goes. First- is there any difference as far as performance parts go IE fitment issues compared to the SHO? This may seem like a dumb question but when you look up parts for mks not a lot shows up, but when u look up SHO parts a ton come up and mks is listed as will fit. Second- is the use of the flash tuner/power programmers. I live in NJ and the weather sucks so can I jump from say a stage 4+ tune back down to a 1 or 2 so I can get to work in the snow if need be? Again I’m new to these cars and modern tuners. The last car I tuned was a 99 mustang gt in 2002. So don’t be too harsh.
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    Welcome, Rob! Congrats on the MKS! I think the main differences are in the appearance cover, suspension (as in struts/shocks if adjustable), and PCM programming. Most people have not needed to back down their tunes for winter with these cars. As they say, it drives like stock until you really get on it. More important is tires and alignment, like any other car, plus PTU/RDU fluid exchange along with trans fluid. That will let the AWD do its' magic properly.

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