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    -having lost my job back in Sept, i have had to stop the re-doing of my '88 Ranger GT. with out a job to make ends meet, i had to sell a piece of property that now will have me paying an overage of taxes. to offset this, if no one is interested in buying the GT as is, to finish it, i will be donating to a charity that will finish what i started and sell it fund thier cause. ive got a good start, but do not have the time, nor resources to finish. interested buyers will have until 12/28/13 to have money in my hand, otherwise it will be towed away. I hate it has come to this, but either need what cash i can get from the sell to pay on taxes or use as donation write off. my price is $2500 as is with free and clear Al. title. Freshly painted back in the summer. i have all the pieces to put it back together. is drivable, but the interior is out of it. has decent tires on it but will need new ones in the future. will also need a clutch in the future. has new paint job, new tail/marker/parking lamps. new Ford steering wheel. new water pump/belts/etc. truck is located just outside Anniston, Al. my phone# is 256-223-9809. Call or text for any questions. thanks.


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