Lapeer Drag Day - Resurrection of the old SHO Club Event!

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    Back from roughly late 2000, into 2007, we used to have (typically) two Lapeer Drag Days at Lapeer Dragway, in Lapeer MI. We would get SHO folks from out of state, who made a weekend of it.

    We got away from doing it. In the meantime, Lapeer has a new owner, who is doing a lot of upgrades, like paved pits, totally resurfaced the track, a timing slip booth on the return road, overhead digital displays, IHRA sanctioning, etc.

    We felt it was time for another, so join us on Saturday October 24th! Here's the text from the Event, with the information:

    Test-N- Tune Day! We haven't had a Drag Day since maybe 2007! Time to fire this up again! We'll meet for dinner afterward.

    Link to the Facebook event:

    See the Comments in the Discussion area about a local hotel, and dinner for Saturday night. Please let me know if you plan on dinner Saturday evening, so we can make plans. We can also meet at my house in the morning.

    See this link for the Rules info at LID, and it also has the links across the top.

    Current information on their 2020 Schedule is on the LID Facebook page:
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