Kicking off the AZ forum right with a general SHO news report

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Oct 24, 2001
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Seeing how Jason, Tom and myself are the big readers and posters in this forum, I can probably communicate just as efficiently using this board as I could in email.


Well Tom, as I had already told you via phone, I did have a wreck in my white 90. The 40+ pound chunk of semi tire did 1360 in damage to my 1700.00 car including 86'ing my cool police grille, breaking one headlight assembly, tearing off the drivers sidemarker (so much for the yellow lenses), breaking my already cracked windshield, and pinstripping my bumper, hood, fender, and A-pillar.

I found a mint police grille on ebay that the insurance company bought....$175!!!!

Car should be ready today or monday. Nice new coat of paint on the front of the car and a professionally done up police grille in gloss black.

Well, if that wasnt enough, I was driving the wife's 95 ATX SHO and came out of work yesterday to see that my radiator (new as of Oct 2002 from had wet the bed......fully bladder drain. Turns out my lifetime warranty radiator doesnt ***** around with a slow leak from the side tank seams, it just plain gives out and sheds its contents throwup . Now, being that it is warranteed for life is no problem, neither is the fact that they fed ex one to my house in 24 hours or less, its the PIA replacement time to get it installed. 1 hour to remove, 1 hour to install, not to mention the new dex cool I need to go pick up. madflame

So, for the first time in my life, both cars are out of commission leaving me to beg rides to work. Note: I am close enough to ride my bike (6 miles), but the rain and snow have no forgiveness on the work suit.

Coulda been worse: the radiator could have wet the bed on the way up the hill. Dial 1-800-HELP TOM!!!

Oh, and Tom G. shipped my y-pipe to me from Cali Last friday Feb 20th......but I still dont have it. Guess I dont need it yet, but wow.


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Jul 25, 2002
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Wow Mike! You seem to have a streak a bad luck. Seems like you are getting everything back in order. Let me know when you get your y-pipe. I am trying to stay on top of all this since I did have something to do with it.

Hope things start going better with you and the SHOs!

Take care,

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