hearing a slight periodic winding when in gear

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    so last night I pulled off at the light shifting into 3rd and ended up missing the gear, which cause the shifter to stop to an abrupt and causing the car to rev up and grinding noise while It would not go into gear. I ended having to kind of finesse the shifter into finding the gear but when I did I could hear the clutch grinding, right then I knew I done fucked up! now as a result in all of this, sometimes I pull off in 1st or 2nd from a stop I hear a weird winding noise for a few seconds then It stops and the car drives find, It doesn't do it all the time which is weird. The clutch still grabs in all gears but I am having a lil issue with it going into gear sometimes, I wanna say I might of fucked up the throwout bearing or shift forks , what's your thoughts ?

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