Had to Get Rid of my 99 Gen 3 (Purchased a 15 SHO PP)

Discussion in 'V8 Discussion' started by peglegtom, Nov 2, 2017.

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    After having two major problems with my 99 Gen 3 SHO (both requiring AAA tows) within 2 weeks and after having issues getting parts (AC lines, etc), when my mechanic told me my "minor" exhaust leak was at the cat(s) which he indicated that he was having difficulties finding and that the repair would include a comma, I decided it was time to upgrade.

    So after much searching, I purchased a 2015 CPO SHO w/PP. I (we=my wife and I) drove 2015 SHO's with and without PP and a 2017 Fusion Sport (2.7L EcoBoost) for comparison at one dealership. While I liked the Fusion, it seemed like the backseat did not have much legroom, which is important to us because we often take our grown children or other adults out to dinner, etc. Not that the Gen 4 SHO is much better, and is certainly smaller than my Gen 3, dispsite the much lager exterior dimensions. No apparent "seat of thr pants" differences in performance although road tests indicate that the SHO is faster. Perhaps it relates to the faster revving of the 2.7 vs. the 3.5. We also drove a Infiniti G50 with sport suspension, which my wife indicated she did not want, and I agreed because the suspension was so stiff (much worse than a SHO/PP).

    This, however, at least for me, indicated that I wanted a PP. I know there is a lot of discussion of PP vs non-PP and PP vs. std. SHO with adaptive cruise control (ACC). To each his own. I like to track my cars and to me the PP was worth it. If you don't want a PP, fine, but don't trash someone that does.

    That lead us to finding that there were 3 CPO 2015 SHO's under 30K within 100 miles of our location. We drove all three but two of the dealers would not budge $0.01 on their pre-determinded price, even though thy may have been outside of what anyone with a modicum of intelligence . Two also had non-performance all season tires installed by the dealer, which was a nonstarter with me. So we ended up purchasing a 2015 ingot silver CPO SHO with PP from a dealer outside of Chicago. We traded our 99 because my wife made it clear that we would not be driving two cars home, and because of circumstances, trying to sell it would take more time than it was worth. If anyone is interested, I can give you the name of the dealer and salesperson, and you can contact them to see what they did with the car. They said they would junk it to justify the price they offered, but I suspect that they will (did) send it to auction.

    So far, I like the new (to us) car. Yes, the ride is a bit stiff, but I'll accept that for the improved handling. Will take some time to get acclimated to the SYNC system.
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    Your account has me tipping slightly more that way as well . . .
    Dealing with bad misses, supposedly coming from cylinder #3 (back side), and an electrical system that is killing batteries, even though alt. is putting out 14+ volts and I measure less than 2 milliamps draw with car off. Car was off for 2 days and the 3 week old battery was putting out under 3 volts! Getting wsrranty replacement tonight, but I'm less than 50% sure that the problem started with a bad battery.

    Anyway, enjoy the '15!!!
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    Definitely excited to hear someone getting into a new SHO!

    98SF19 - I would expect the battery to be bad. Only issue could be a battery saver relay possibly failing. IE) Automatic Lights off, or Computer Power. This could rear it's ugly head every so often, killing a fairly reliable battery.
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    Best of luck with your new to your 2015! :)

    pax, smn

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