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    Starting a new thread for 'Anonymous' in a section where I can post a reply. Anonymous wrote:

    Does anyone happen to have a diagram of the fuse panel ,I’m missing mines and i keep blowing a #15 and I don’t know what exactly it is without the cover panel , I’m trying to start my car but it’s just turning over.

    'Bay Area SHO' posted a pic of what looks like the fuse panel info for a 2011 SHO, as he has one. Totally different. Looks like Anonymous has a Gen 2. Here's the 1994 info. Fuse 15 covers the exterior lamps, so you must have a short to ground in the lighting circuit somewhere.

    Won't have anything to do with the car not starting, so pull the codes, listen for the fuel pump working and check for spark. Circuit diagrams here, including the pic below:


    Fuse - IP (1024x757).jpg
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