Ford applications of semi-active ride control module (SARC brain)

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    Now the suspension restoration is complete. I'm interested to have spare parts for the SARC. The only one missing in my inventory is the brain. (I know, I can just buy one on e-bay, but I prefer making some searches and getting extras infos.)

    I made some searches that can be usefull for others. Ford made at leat 2 other cars in these years with active ride control (don't know why but for them it's called "ARC" rather than "SARC"). All the brains were made at the same place (Mexico) and seems to be interchangeable when we look at the plug...

    Here is what I found :

    Taurus SHO 96 to 98
    - part # F6DF-18B008-AB (made since 96)
    - green color
    - "SRCM" mention
    - in the right side of trunk

    Mark VIII 93 to 98 (air suspension)
    - part # F3LF-3B494-DD (made since 93)
    - part # F5LF-3B494-AB
    - part # F7LF-3B494-AA
    - orange color
    - "SSM" mention
    - in the left side of trunk

    Lincoln Town car 96 to 97
    - part # F6AF-3B494-AB
    - no color and visually different but seems to be the same plug

    Lincoln Continental (air suspension)
    - part #

    Explorer 95-97 (higher trims only)
    - part # F57F-3B494-AB (made since 95)
    - no color
    - "ARCM" mention
    - under dash on passenger side

    Visually, they are identicals in shape, only the bolting is different.

    By the way, it can be usefull to know also that these cars have cross number parts for :

    - height sensors (could be only on the 2 front wheels in some case)
    - the famous (or infamous) A/C relay which control their air pump for the suspension (and the SAI on our), it's located on their pump
    air pump.jpg
    - MAF (from Mark VIII for our 96-97 only)
    - for the Mark VIII 93-98, leather driver wheel (!?!), usefull if your leather have some wear

    My question is can I switch these SARC modules ? If yes, can I have a different behavior from the suspension ? I ask this because there is a '96 Mark VIII in a scrapyard in my area.

    Link to an interesting Mark VIII site (some tuning)
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