For Sale: Porsche 914-SHO Project (a 914 SHOgun)

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    This project consists of installing a 1995 Ford SHO 3.2 V6 into 1974 Porsche 914. The 914 started out as a 4-cylinder (flat-four) of around 95hp. The V6 motor is rated at 215hp and 200 ft/lb of torque. This is a unique combination. I’ve only seen two other attempts and they were installed transversely, using the SHO trans and driveline. This build is a one-of-kind, longitudinal install of the SHO V6 using the 914 5-speed transaxle. I chose this combination because the performance specs of the SHO motor closely matched those of the flat-sixes the factory used in its race-winning 914s yet was unconventional and not typically done.

    Time to pass the project on to the next caretaker. I’ve outgrown the project and want to move on to other things. I’d prefer to pass the entire project on to someone interested in seeing it finished and packaged pricing will reflect this. Package price is $7500.00 USD. Prefer cash or paypal.

    Here’s some details about the 914-SHO Project (914 World Forum Posting / SHO Forum posting):
    • Based on a 1974 914/1.8L (not a 6-cyl model, though PO had a six in it at one time)
    • Longitudinally mounted 3.2L V6 SHO motor with stock upper intake runners
    • Fiberglass fender flares
    • Modified engine bay firewalls;
    • Front firewall modified and widened center hump to fit 3.2L V6 SHO motor with single accessory belt
    • Rear firewall modified and moved rearward to allow for air intake at rear of trunk lid and to maintain a proper seal between engine bay and trunk. This results in the loss of some trunk space
    • Engman longitudinal reinforcement kit, the 3-piece cockpit kit (see 914 World thread-page 20+)
    • Handmade rear longitudinal reinforcement kit (see 914 World thread-page 19)
    • Handmade inner suspension tower reinforcement kit (see 914 World thread-page 20)
    • Replaced left and right jack donuts with new pieces
    • Replaced metal and repairs to dents in front trunk floor
    • New metal fuel lines - yet to be installed
    • Replace numerous body panels with steel where putty had been used previously
    • Battery tray removed & longitudinal rust repaired
    • Longitudinal jack posts removed and reinforced
    • Custom ABS plastic air box to feed intake air to motor
    • Exhaust/muffler shield modified to be removable
    Underbody repaired & primed

    Engine fit before rear firewall extension - pic1

    Engine fit before rear firewall extension - pic2

    Engine bay front firewall widening

    Rear trunk/firewall extension

    Engine lid/trunk modifications

    1995 3.2L V6 SHO motor
    Cylinder/piston inspect/replacement thread.
    Initial Base Idle Set video.
    Thread where issues identified & fixed.
    Motor run & retest after repairs.
    Motor details:
    • Crank, bearings, valves, guides, and seals inspected and replaced as needed
    • Valves lapped
    • Replaced pistons with used
    • New piston rings
    • Honed cylinders
    • Lapped valve seats
    • Walbro GCL601 Fuel Pump
    • FP-Minimum Current: 12 Volts
    • FP-Operating Pressure: 45 PSI
    • FP-Minimum Flow @ Outlet: 32 GPH (121 LPH) High Pressure
    • Complete test harness used for bench testing
    • All engine sensor output verified during bench tests
    • All CEL codes resolved during bench testing
    • Completed several hours of running to seat piston rings
    • Intake runner outer seams ground smooth
    • Heads professionally cleaned and decked
    • Replaced numerous freeze plugs in block
    • DIS relocated off the plenum housing
    • Polished exhaust manifold shields
    • Polished fuel rails
    Cold/wet compression test results:
    1. 160 psi
    2. 148 psi
    3. 150 psi
    4. 157 psi
    5. 160 psi
    6. 161 psi
    Bench Test Prep - pic1

    Bench Test Prep - pic2

    • 1974 Porsche 901 transmission - side shifter, replaced bushings
    • Custom engine bar/mounting adapter
    • Kennedy clutch/adapter - 228mm (9”) Stage II
    • Stock half-shafts
    • Stock trailing arms - not boxed
    • Bilstein shocks front/rear, rears have adjustable perch
    Electrical System:
    • Engman new style 914 fuse/relay panel - relocated under front cowling
    • Custom relay panel - relocated under front cowling
    • All necessary SHO engine components; PCM, CCRM, DIS, IMRC
    • Two SHO ECUs; XJ2 and B9B1
    • Custom test wiring harness with schematics to complete final engine harness
    • Multiple painted bumpers
    • NOS Engine lid
    • Wheels/tires suitable for rolling only
    • Targa top
    • New RS Style door panels
    • 911/944 style seats (black) with rails - rails need adapted to 914 mounts
    • Assorted parts removed for bodywork.
    Project parts & materials included:
    • Includes custom rotisserie based on two-1000lb engine stands
    • Includes hand built adjustable metal car dolly with wheels
    • Includes hand built rolling engine stand/test stand. This is used to install motor from underneath
    • 6x 50lb bags of medium grade, glass fragments, blasting media
    Documentation Included:
    • Complete customized schematics for body and engine (electronic & paper)
    • Complete SHO motor manual plus documentation of changes (electronic & paper)
    • Online forum postings detailing plans and progress
    • CD of Annual picture library since 2009
    • Detailed parts and resources spreadsheet
    • 95 Taurus Electrical and Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual
    • 86-95 Haynes Taurus manual
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    Post approved. Sorry it to so long.
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    Would make a nice museum piece for sure!
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    I really wanted to see this thing completed. I wish you luck with the sale and hopefully see it up and about!
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    Thanks guys. I too would like to see it completed. Just too many competing priorities.
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    Here's some details on what's left to do.

    What’s left to do on body work:
    • Complete the engine lid modifications to fit intake runners. Lid is already cut to match trunk modifications.
    • Add NACA duct cutouts (two) to the trunk for inlet air to motor. NACA ducts included with parts.
    • Complete changes so the trunk hinges from the back instead of the front. Steel supports fabricated for the hinges. Uses Mini Cooper hinges. Supports & hinges included with parts. Requires added support channels running fore-aft in trunk lid to mount hinges to.
    • Build sheet metal frame for air box that fits between hinge supports.
    • Complete bodywork to blend FG flares to steel fender
    • Clean & undercoat all fenders
    • Media blast remaining paint on exterior and front trunk
    • ReAdd seam sealer to all metal-to-metal seams in trunk & engine bay
    • Prep all metal for primer and paint
    What’s left to do on engine/tranny:
    • Add a crankcase ventilation catch can and hoses. This reduces buildup in intake runners and secondary throttle bodies.
    • Build custom exhaust blending from stock exhaust manifold into a single 2-1/2inch cat-free system. Uses stock style muffler in stock position.
    • Add SHO Starter Dust Shield
    • Replace clutch cable pulley & ball cup bushing
    • Suggest optional oil filter relocation kit from SHO Source
    • Complete air intake routing from custom air box (included) to SHO throttle body. Uses stainless tube (included) that needs diameter reduced slightly, via lengthwise cut and reweld.
    • Fabricate a larger spacer, 3/4 inch thick for the transaxle mounts. Aluminum or hard plastic would suffice.
    • Need cooling system installed. Was planning on dual, in-series, radiators mounted in engine bay under the engine lid with custom shroud. Fans mounted under radiators draw air from above and through radiator.
    • Need coolant fill bottle installed in engine bay at high point.
    What’s left to do with electrical:
    • Relocate after-market 914 fuse panel (included) to front trunk, left side.
    • Source a custom Fuse/Relay Box for the SHO and 914 relays. See documentation for possible sources.
    • Purchase/Build wiring harness for 914. Requires modification for fuse panel relocation.
    • Build engine wiring harness using test harness as a guide. Schematics provided. Suggest a large firewall connector to locate ECU behind/under passenger seat. Optionally could be located in trunk.
    • Modify SHO Gauge cluster (included) to fit in stock position.
    What’s left to do in interior:
    • Cockpit firewall needs sound/heat shielding and custom cover of carpet or other fabric
    • Seats. Includes left & right 911/944 style seats & rails. Rails need to customized to fit in 914. Optionally could just use 914 seats with no other changes.
    • Includes new RS style door panels
    • Needs new door interior & exterior latches and hardware
    • Needs new window cranks
    • Needs new carpet
    • Door seals and rubber needs replaced. Some new pieces included.
    What’s left to do with suspension/wheels:
    • Trailing arms should have new bushings & new bearings installed
    • Used Bilstein shocks front & rear. Rears have adjustable perch & can be modified to be fully adjustable. Existing springs should be adequate to start with.
    • New wheels & tires are needed. Suggest 16x7 for front 16x8 for rear and appropriate spacers based on wheel/tire choice.
    • Includes spacers for 4-5 lug transition. Not ideal but an acceptable starting place.
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