Driver's Side View Mirror Yellowing - Auto Dimming?

Discussion in 'Generation 4 - Maintenance & Troubleshooting' started by kinnder, Feb 15, 2017.

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    Hi Guys,

    In the past, I've noticed that a fair amount (I'd say 90%) of my driver's side view mirror has yellowed, but it usually goes away for whatever reason. Fast-forward to today and I noticed the yellowing, but it hasn't gone away, like it has in the past.

    After some brief web searching, I believe this is the auto-dimming feature present on the SHOs. Does anyone know why mine suddenly became permanently enabled? Granted, today has been overcast, so I'm not sure how sensitive it could be, and maybe the car is doing its job? I guess the side-view mirror itself could have become faulty. Any advice/suggestions/tips would be appreciated.


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    Both my 2013 and 2016 auto-dimmed the driver's side-view.

    I don't know anything about the technology behind it, but mine has maybe done the same thing on occasion. I will say, however, that in observing what it does, I don't think it's reliant on how much light is behind you, say another car's headlights. I think it's all about ambient light. But I could be wrong.

    My '97 Cougar has an auto-dimming rear view - and THAT has a sensor so that cars with their headlights on behind me make it dim, but the sensor is obviously in the mirror face.
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    Mine came from the dealership with the same 1/4 inch ring around the edge "clear." The inner portion is the auto dimming area and mine has always had a gold/yellowish tinge.

    The drivers side mirror is controlled by the rear view mirror and two circuits connect the two (power/ground). If the rear view mirror dims, the drivers mirror dims. The interior rear view mirror has a forward and rearward light sensor. The rear sensor has to detect "dark" conditions and the rear sensor bright light conditions before it will dim itself and send a voltage to the right mirror to make it dim. The left exterior mirror does not have a sensor and is why you can sometimes get a glare if the interior rear view mirror does not detect the headlights of the car behind you. The interior rear view mirror will also un-dim when reverse is selected (it gets a communicated message).

    Now I'm wondering if mine IS faulted....

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