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    Ok .... I searched the 'pinned' threads with no luck and truly didn't have a good word combo to use for the search function so here goes.

    Does anyone have a list of years/models that you can interchange parts ?

    I understand that the SHO has unique engine/tranny/suspension/body parts but it MUST share the a lot of common parts with __________ ?

    I have a 92' MTX green and mocha and curious if a 92' thru ? Sable and/or Taurus I can mix and match ? Also one step further how many parts between Gen I's and II's are interchangeable ?

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    Your 92 is the first year of the GenII family, and body panel wise, the 92 to 95 Sable is a good match for hood and front fenders. I would stick with parts from the same year of car as a first choice.
    The other body parts are the same as a Taurus and Sable. The interiors are different generally, as in materials, but they will interchange physically, but wiring becomes an issue.

    Gen I and GenII's do not share much in straight swaps that work without alteration. Bumpers, trunk lids, hoods, fenders, grills, lights are not able to be bolted from GenI to GenII.
    The doors will interchange physically, but your interior panels are all different and even the location of handles and things are different.
    The windshields will interchange.
    The dash from a first generation SHO will bolt into a GenII Taurus / Sable, but wiring is an issue.
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    and 92 is unique in a lot of wiring, so depending upon what parts you are looking for, there is no cross-over.

    as sperold noted, the 92-95 sable can be a source for hood, front fenders, headlights, corner lights. 92-95 taurus can be a source for tail lights, most door hardware (except 92-93 are different from 94-95), and some interior stuff. they did make a few bucket seat sable and taurus in the 92-95 era, so there is a slight chance you could find some useful seat parts or console parts, but its a long shot.

    interior trim varies by year, so you need a 92 taurus or sable to get the right interior plastic parts (for at least some, like B pillar moldings), and the mocha was not common then.

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