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Discussion in 'V8 Discussion' started by Funmart6, Dec 7, 2019.

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    Thanks for all the input. I am wondering if it could actually be a wire that was maybe chewed on. The car sat for several years in my back yard and I would see chipmunks from time to time under the car, and even in the grill area, sometimes sitting on top of the tires...etc. We have a Yorkie and he used to chase the chipmunks in the yard and they would escape under the car. I haven't seen any evidence of chewed wires anywhere but you never know, they could have easily gotten on top of the tank and chewed those wires. So, I guess it looks like I will be dropping the tank soon to investigate it all and go from there.
    By the way, that backyard was at a rental, we bought a house last year and there are no chipmunks around here. Lol.

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