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    I'm calling this SHO Related, as we are scouting out Carfest 2019, as we plan on holding the 2020 28th Annual SHO Convention in conjunction with Carfest 2020 next year.

    In addition to their HPDE Track Days, Autointerests also hosts Carfest, which is an annual two-day automotive event held over the Labor Day weekend, this year on Saturday August 31st – Sunday September 1st:

    It is currently held at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex in Wampum PA, just northwest of Pittsburgh. I and other SHO enthusiasts will be attending this year, as we plan on partnering with Autointerests next year, to hold the 28th Annual SHO Convention in conjunction with Carfest 2020.

    This year, the Boss 302 Registry is holding their Boss Reunion 2019 in conjunction with Carfest, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Boss 302. They will have unique club activities, and the cars will be on location through the weekend:

    The Carfest website above has a complete description. The event is focused around 2 days of HPDE track days on the 2.8 mile PittRace track, where you can run either day, or both days. There is also a Car Show, a Dyno, Karting, a Karting enduro race, Autox, Streetlight Drags, as well as camping available on location (in addition to the host hotel). There will be food trucks, as well as live music on Saturday night.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Autointerests, see the website below. It was founded by Jason Kennedy, who had taken over the TCCA Track Days at Gingerman Raceway from Bob Gervais, that were attended by many of the SHO Club members. Jason then formed Autointerests to offer HPDE track days to a wider audience beyond the TCCA and SHO Club folks.

    The flyer for the SHO Club has the Discount Code that can be applied at the online checkout. Check it out, we would love to see you there!

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