Brake lights won't turn off.

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    2011 SHO

    Got home from night shift. Snowplow had gone by and piled snow in front of driveway. Was giving it the ol back and forth treatment (backing in). After a few back and forths, when I rocked back forward it got a bit hung up. So I increased throttle to keep it moving. Now this routine happens fairly often, once or twice a month with no issue. But this time, when I let off the throttle rpm was high enough and had enough drivetrain momentum to really get going. So I stood on the brakes HARD, real hard. Still went way up on the huge snowplow berm across the road. Nearly got stuck there, but came out slowly. Tearing off the plastic air dam/skid plate thing in the process. Finally got it in the driveway, parked, got out and the brake lights were still on. Pull the brake pedal back and they go off. Release brake pedal they come on.

    It's currently 7:43am and I've been up since 1:00pm yesterday. And I've been working 12hr night shift the last 12 days in a row. So for now I have a trusty red bull can wedged under the pedal to keep the lights off. Will take it to my buddies garage to check it out tonight. But I have no idea what would cause this other than the pedal arm bending maybe. But that just doesn't seem likely. I feel like they engineer those to take a good bit of abuse. Any opinions and theories are welcome.

    The abs came on hard. Speedometer was reading 35mph (actual speed was maybe 5-10mph) and rpm was around 3000 and decreasing with me off the seat literally standing on the brake pedal.

    So I checked it out today. Didn't see any apparent problems. Zip tied a small spring between the brake pedal and under dash. Seems to be enough to disengage the brake light switch. Anybody know if there's any way to adjust the pedal position or switch engagement? Will check it out again in a few days when I'm off work.

    Also, the plastic belly pan got ripped off and I saw today that it broke the plastic around one of the 1/4 turn fasteners. Anyone know of a place to order a replacement belly pan/skid plate thingy? I've had some bad experiences with my local dealership and would rather not give them my business if I don't have to. May just be a permanent zip tie fix. We'll see.

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    The most likely cause for the brake lights staying on is the brake light switch sticking closed. You can disconnect the plug from the brake light switch at the brake light pedal to see if thelights turn off.
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