Anyone got time to work on a 94 SHO?

Discussion in 'TSHOC - Tidewater SHO Club' started by Spartanator, Feb 24, 2013.

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    My 94 Taurus SHO project has been derailed a bit, as I have orders to Korea :mad: With that being said, I plan to give the car to my niece and want to get it in great working order. Her and her mom are moving across the city and she needs a car so she doesn't have to change schools. At any rate, here's the list of ankle biting issues...

    The A/C compressor makes an ungodly noise when engaged
    The rear main seal is leaking, albeit not much
    I'm not sure when/if the timing belt has been changed
    Rear passenger window doesn't work
    Coolant gauge is a bit temperamental, but the car isn't running hot
    It hesitates starting at times (Tune up?)

    In a nutshell, I don't have the time to get any of this done. I'm willing to drive it to whomever wants to do it if you can and I'll make it worth your time. I'd rather let someone who knows what they're doing instead of just dropping it off to some random mechanic who doesn't have a clue about these cars. I just need to get it back to South Carolina before I fly out on 8 April. If you're interested, let me know.

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    I could probably tighten most of that up for you.
    I work full time so it would have to be in my spare time.
    PM me what your looking to spend and if we are in the same ballpark I'd be interested.
    I've been a SHO enthusiast for about 10 years and I'm also newly ASE certified :)
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    Brian knows his shit and is VERY fair with rates.
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