Any body home?

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    There's still a few local events running their course, but nothing big big that I am aware of.

    You ain't kidding about putting it away for the winter. I had to have a "pleasant" (term used loosely) conversation with the wife just last week, as she took it upon herself to call her Mom (who works at the agency where we have ALL of our insurance policies through) as she placed my SHO into "storage status".

    Alarmed, I quickly re-contacted my M.I.L. and had that pending change abruptly stopped.

    Yea, that was a tad bit unnerving. Wife's rationale was I have driven it in a while. My retort to that was that it's been raining like a banshee the last few weeks.

    Goodness. I swear. Luckily I caught it in time.

    Anyhow, I'm down for w/e.

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