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    So, everything started with the Check Charging System message followed by the battery light. On next start I got the message, light, and was greeted with no power steering. I pulled codes P0625 and P065B. I tested the battery voltage in the low 12’s with car off and low 11’s with car running. After all this evidence I was fairly sure the alternator was the issue.

    I couldn’t find any information on removal on the forum, youtube, or anywhere else. So I figured I’ll do a little write up. I didn’t document during the job (which I regret) with any photos but hopefully this is enough to help someone in the future.

    On to the change. I’ve joked several times that, I’ve seen the alternator once, because it is fairly buried in there. So to get started I removed the noise maker pipe and found that there was still not enough room to access so then removed the upper hose from radiator and bend it back out of the way. Probably should have drained some coolant first because the radiator continued to drip during most of the job. That provided just enough room and sight to be able to access. Removed the plug and battery cable to the alternator. There is just enough room to squeak your hand down with a 3/8 inch ratchet to get on the tensioner, pull forward toward to the front of the car and remove belt from the pulley. From there I removed the long 13mm bolt on the lower left of the alternator followed by the nut on a stud toward the top of the alternator. At this point I realized there was much more to do to be able to fish this thing out of place. There isn’t enough room in the engine bay to move the alternator forward past the stud so I removed it. The end of the stud accepts a 7 mm. Now the alternator is free except there’s no place for it to go. Down is not possible due to the AC compressor so up it is. The only way to get it up and out is to make space by removing the fans.

    Which entails, pulling all the clips from the wire harness attached to it, disconnecting the O2 sensor plug, remove the airbox, remove upper charge pipe to intercooler. With gearhead intercooler I also removed lower charge pipe and dual inlet portion of intercooler. Two 10 mm bolts on the top of each side of the fan shroud. From there it’s just enough room to lift the fans up and out. Once the fans are free you can disconnect the plugs to each fan and set aside. At this point you have enough space to finagle the alternator up along the radiator and out. It took me three and a half hours to figure out how to get it out. And two and a half to get it back in and everything else put back together in classic reverse order.
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