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    Hey everyone, can someone tell me why we can or can't use a turbo off CXRacing? Got bored at worked and couldn't find many things related to turbos for these cars outside ATP.
    GT2860 Tech Specs: $379
    -Air Inlet: 3"
    -Compressed Air Outlet: 2"
    -Bearing: Single Ball Bearing
    -Turbine Housing Flange: T28 Flange
    -Exhaust Outlet:5-Bolt Outlet
    -HP Rating: 300-350HP
    -Cooling: Oil and Water Cooled
    -Internal WG PSI: 13 PSI
    -Compressor: 0.60 A/R
    -Turbine: 0.64 A/R
    -Compressor Wheel: 47.2mm/60mm ATP Turbo's: 43.4mm/56mm
    -Turbine Wheel: 53.7mm/47.1mm ATP Turbo: 50mm/43.5mm
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    You can, however it's more of one of those it won't bolt up situations. You would have to custom fabricate some manifolds, oil lines, coolant lines and exhaust routing. ATP is a bolt up turbo with the exception of a small coolant line modification pretty sure.
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