94 Taurus SHO ATX Auto 3.2 Opal Frost Gray Interior - All parts off car with new photos!

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    Open to offers on everything, so please PM me with needs. Thanks

    Parting out 1994 Taurus SHO ATX Auto 3.2L. Car & engine had 230K+ miles so please take that into consideration as I’m selling all parts AS IS with no returns. New parts listed below have virtually no miles as I only drove the car a few hundred miles. Car was scrapped. Exterior Opal Frost, Interior gray leather. I’ll try to include mounting hardware where I can. I listed the big stuff, but if you don’t see something let me know. Prices do not include shipping. I can’t ship the big stuff, sorry. I’ll start a separate section below for what sells. I live in Montgomeryville / Lansdale area, close to Doylestown, suburbs outside Philadelphia. Hopefully she can keep some projects going, thanks

    Front Bumper with absorbers, reinforcement & SHO plate - has some road rash and puncture that can be covered by plate - $100
    Rear bumper cover with absorbers and reinforcement - $100
    Header panels - both aftermarket, $20 each
    1st - fit well but has lower mount hole missing for driver side marker
    2nd - did not fit well and shop ended up cracking it in a few spots
    Driver AM side marker - $20
    Driver headlight - original, $20
    Passenger headlight - original, $20
    Passenger side marker - original, $20
    Driver taillight, original - $20
    Passenger taillight, original - small crack & light scratches, $20
    Rear License Plate Molding / Valance - $60
    Rear spoiler with 3rd brake light - $100
    Left rocker molding & ¼ panel lower claddings- $60
    Right rocker molding & ¼ panel lower claddings - $60
    Stainless steel rocker molding bracket - you may need to cut other holes to mount it, - $60
    Near complete interior wiring harness (cut at fuel pump, doors, and a few places under dash but relatively complete - $200
    Door trim panels - $20 each
    Front and rear leather seat set - $100
    Front seats worn, trim broken, pass motor doesn't work
    Stitching on top of rear seatback is coming apart, bottom in good shape
    Catalytic Converter with rear flange repair (was sealing fine) - $100
    Catback exhaust that I pieced together with AM parts, not stainless - $400
    Includes flex pipe, intermediate pipe, rear Y pipe, Dynomax Super Turbo Mufflers w/ original tips - custom mounted passenger side so you may need to customize or get bracket welded for correct mount
    Original rear Y pipe - $60
    Set of 4 16” Slicer wheels, tires (7/32 fronts, 4/32 rears) caps & factory wheel locks - $200
    Spare with jack - $40
    Console - $60
    Driver fender & liner with cladding & 24V emblem - $60
    Passenger fender & liner with cladding and 24V emblem - $60
    New set of NGK platinum plugs, Airtex wire set & ignition coil pack with cover - $60
    Newer Exide Nascar Extreme 34X 800 CCA Battery - $40
    Cold air intake - $80
    Reman Alternator – no miles, $100
    Alternator (core) - $20
    New Starter - just installed, $60
    Starter (core) - $20
    Battery tray - treated rust and painted with black Rust Reformer, $20
    Mass air flow sensor - $20
    Throttle Body - $20
    Air box with good filter - $20
    Fog lights with brackets - $60
    PS pulley - $20
    Water pump pulley - $20
    Cam pulleys - $40
    New Timing belt idler pulley - $60
    Plunger type timing belt tensioner -leaking, $80
    Pulley type timing belt tensioner - $40
    Serpentine Upper Idler pulley with new bearing installed, also fits tensioner - $60
    Serpentine Lower Idler pulley - $40
    Serpentine belt tensioner w/ pulley - $40
    Serpentine belt tensioner (spring rusty) - installed and it was notchy so took back off - $20
    Harmonic Balancer - $40
    Pioneer Bluetooth media player with 6.5’s, 6 x 9's and mounts - $80
    Rear audio electronics - I have no way to test if they're good
    Rear amp set - $40
    Rear subwoofer - $60
    Seatbelt set - $100
    Dash cover / cluster surround panel - $60
    Glove Box - $20
    Front door switches (driver new, pass used)
    Emergency brake pedal assembly - $20
    Wiper switch - $20
    Automatic climate control module - $100
    Misc interior trim, package shelf, trunk liner, etc – lmk what you need
    Valve cover set with new gaskets installed - $40
    New aftermarket IAC valve , I'll throw in old Ford unit. Replaced as I had IAC code - $40
    Steering column metal cover - $20
    Ingalls Rear control / trailing arms - $100

    Instrument cluster
    Original CD player
    FM Radio with tape deck
    O2 sensors

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    Good luck, lots of desirable parts on the list!
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    "43. Instrument cluster with white face gauges -$40" Let me know where to send payment!

    47. Console - $60, Would you ship this? If so I will take this as well.
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    I'm interested in the O2 sensors and the DIS if in working condition.
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    Can you tell me what condition the drivers floor mat is in? I can see part of it in one pic but not the whole thing.

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