91 clutch(?) and overheating

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    I replaced the clutch plate in my 91 a few years ago, and drove it home with the issue not fixed. I don't know much about these cars, and I'm having trouble finding info/parts. On the short (~30 minute) drive home, the car overheated once and we had to dump water bottles and a little anti freeze in, and it was still not shifting unless I rev-matched while pushing the clutch in. I replaced the clutch plate with an Auto-Zone product, which I've read aren't reliable and don't work most of the time, I don't know how true this is. I also messed with some clutch adjuster thing and couldn't find victory there. The car is completely stock other than metal sockets on the linkage for the shifter, and it's lowered a tad.

    What else could be wrong with my SHO, and where can I find parts? Note, It's been sitting since that day. Is there anything I should look out for after sitting other than things like fluids and tires?
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    Sounds like you have 2 separate issues. The over heating issue and then the trans issue. I say trans issue because it just might not be the clutch but rather something inside that is bad. Give us a little history on the car. How long have you had it? How long did you have a shifting issue? What reasoning did you do to determine that the clutch was bad? Did you change just the clutch disc or the entire unit? Disc, pressure plate, throw out bearing? Get back to us and we'll do our best to help.
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    What is with the metal sockets on the shifter linkage? Also, the first sentence is odd ---what was the specific issue you were trying to remedy with replacing the pressure plate? Same as Chad did you replace the other stuff? Why are you interlocking the overheating with the tranny? Were you driving at high revs over long differences? Like above they may be separate issues.
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    People have complained about clutch discs being installed backwards, while others claim it can't be done. So that is a thought.

    It is doubtful that the disc is poorly made to the point it doesn't work, can you disclose the make. My clutch kt was called Rhino-Pac and is assembled from a variety of manufactures, and it has been great.

    They installed a 9 3/4 inch clutch disc rather than a 9 1/4 inch clutch?

    Was there any overheating before your drive home from the repair shop?
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    It sounds like the clutch is not disengaging from your description. The lack of disengaging is generally a matter of the cable not being adjusted properly or the throwout bearing being bad or the pressure plate being bad.

    Did you just replace the clutch disk, or did you replace the pressure plate also?
    Did you confirm that the throwout bearing is okay and not dry/sticking?
    Did you adjust the clutch cable after you got it all back together?
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    It can be done, trust me. It won't disengage if you do. I never drove the car this way, as I switched it back around after it didn't work properly on the hoist, so I can't comment on how it drives like that. I think I set a record for the quickest clutch change the second time around as I was pretty pissed off at myself, even after reading 'engine side' written right on the disc.....

    It sounds like there is a major coolant leak that cause the overheating issue. Fill the system back up, put some pressure on it to find the leak and fix it. Then get it warm and make sure you didn't cause another issue by getting it too hot.

    After sitting for several years, you may need to drain the gas. It might be a good idea to change engine oil, but most of the others should be ok until you get the other issues sorted out.
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