60+ Gen 2 ATX Auto 3.2 Opal Frost - body, interior, engine parts

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    Open to offers on this stuff.

    Parts off 1994 Taurus SHO ATX Auto 3.2L. Car & engine had 230K+ miles so please take that into consideration as I’m selling all parts AS IS with no returns. New parts listed below have virtually no miles as I only drove the car a few hundred miles. Car was scrapped, so this is what's left. Exterior Opal Frost, Interior gray leather. I’ll try to include mounting hardware where I can. I listed the big stuff, but if you don’t see something let me know. Prices do not include shipping. Big stuff will be hard for me to ship. I’ll start a separate section below for what sells. I live in Montgomeryville / Lansdale area, close to Doylestown, suburbs outside Philadelphia.

    Front Bumper with absorbers, reinforcement & SHO plate - has some road rash and puncture that can be covered by plate - $100
    Rear bumper cover with absorbers and reinforcement - $100
    Header panels - both aftermarket, $20 each
    1st - fit well but has lower mount hole missing for driver side marker
    2nd - did not fit well and shop ended up cracking it in a few spots
    Passenger side marker - original, $20
    Driver taillight, original - $20
    Passenger taillight, original - small crack & light scratches, $20
    Rear License Plate Molding / Valance - $60
    Rear spoiler with 3rd brake light - $100
    Left rocker molding & ¼ panel lower claddings- $60
    Right rocker molding & ¼ panel lower claddings - $60
    Stainless steel rocker molding bracket - you may need to cut other holes to mount it, - $60
    Door trim panels - $20 each
    Front and rear leather seat cushion set - $60
    No front seat frames/tracks. Front seats worn, trim broken, stitching on top of rear seatback is coming apart, bottom in good shape
    Catback exhaust that I pieced together with AM parts, not stainless - $400
    Includes flex pipe, intermediate pipe, rear Y pipe, Dynomax Super Turbo Mufflers w/ original tips - custom mounted passenger side so you may need to customize or get bracket welded for correct mount
    Original rear Y pipe - $60
    Set of 4 16” Slicer wheels, tires (7/32 fronts, 4/32 rears) caps & factory wheel locks - $200
    Console - $130 shipped
    Driver fender & liner with cladding & 24V emblem - $60
    Passenger fender & liner with cladding and 24V emblem - $60
    New set of NGK platinum plugs, Airtex wire set & ignition coil pack with cover - $60
    Reman Alternator – no miles, $100
    Alternator (core) - $20
    New Starter - just installed, $60
    Battery tray - treated rust and painted with black Rust Reformer, $20
    Mass air flow sensor - $20
    Throttle Body - $20
    PS pulley - $20
    Cam pulleys - $40
    New Timing belt idler pulley - $60
    Plunger type timing belt tensioner -leaking, $40
    Pulley type timing belt tensioner - $40
    Timing belt tool kit - $30
    Serpentine Upper Idler pulley with new bearing installed, also fits tensioner - $60
    Serpentine Lower Idler pulley - $40
    Serpentine belt tensioner w/ pulley - $40
    Serpentine belt tensioner, no pulley (spring rusty) - installed and it was notchy so took back off - $20
    Harmonic Balancer - $40
    Pioneer Bluetooth media player with 6.5’s, 6 x 9's and mounts - $80
    Rear audio electronics - I have no way to test if they're good
    Rear amp set - $40
    Rear subwoofer - $60
    Dash cover / cluster surround panel - $60
    Glove Box - $20
    Front door switches (driver new, pass used) - $20
    Emergency brake pedal assembly - $20
    Wiper switch - $20
    Automatic climate control module - $100
    Valve cover gasket set, installed briefly but was brand new - $40
    New aftermarket IAC valve , I'll throw in old Ford unit. Replaced as I had IAC code - $40
    Steering column metal cover - $20

    Air box
    Fog lights

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    Bump for offers

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