3VZE Valve Lash

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    Just doing a valve lash adjustment on a 93 toyota pickup 3VZE engine. Same deal as the SHO engine with the shims and buckets.

    Just finished swapping shims around to get them in spec.. the exhaust valves were really tight as found:
    ( .004 - 007")
    Exhaust valve clearance spec is .009 - .013"

    Now I got 4 of the 6 valves to .011", but two are .013" (which equates to 33mm and metric spec is 32mm)
    .013" feeler gauge slides right in without any friction and .014" doesnt come close to fitting.

    Wondering if I'm ok leaving them slightly looser / borderline too loose end of spec??
    or should I pay $40 and downsize them to try and match .011" on other cylinders?
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    I think they'll be fine. If you want it perfect and don't want to worry, you could spend the money on shims. On the loose end of the spec on exhaust is ok I think. If it were gapped correctly from the factory, it seems like they may tighten up some over time based on your initial findings.
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