1999 SHO, only 46k miles

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    in Williamsburg, VA. $3,000 asking for a very very clean car based on close ups I saw over FaceTime: soft leather even on top of rear seat backs, crack/crazing-free window seals, dash over instrument panel hasn't lifted, etc. Downside is that the seller (the second owner who's only owned the car for a month; bought for girlfriend who doesn't like the bad MPG) does not believe the cams have been welded. The first owners were an older couple and they did not mention welding and there was no paperwork so it's unlikely they're welded. If getting it myself I'd take it to Rickety (Eric) in Youngstown, OH. If living south of VA I'd take it to Doug at Ford Performance Specialists.

    I'd buy it myself despite not looking for a silver car because it's so clean but my schedule is just not allowing me to travel weekdays or weekends for the foreseeable future, and the wife doesn't want me getting another car until I've sold the one in the garage. If I found my ideal SHO I'd just go for it, seeking forgiveness rather than permission, but can't use what's left of the ammunition on a car I'd probably just sell when the SHO I'm looking for comes along (a '96 Medium Willow Green).

    Anyway, somebody please save this car!

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