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Discussion in 'SHO Trader' started by Curtis Fisher, Feb 23, 2020.

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    I have a 1998 SHO, only the second owner bought at Independence Ford MO in 2000. It had 20K miles on it and had been driven by one of the executives at the dealership. Best car I have ever owned. I babied it, my wife loved it, and it had power, handling and comfort. It had only one major problem, and that was at 140K miles after I had the transmission oil changed at another Ford dealership about 2011 in Raytown MO. Within 2 weeks the tranny was jumping in and out of overdrive and the car became un-drivable. After taking it back and asking what had happened I was told that transmissions sometimes go bad after servicing because of clogged passages and whatnot. Suffice to say I was not happy, because this was just maintenance.

    I found a reputable service center in Blue Springs and had them swap out the tranny for a rebuilt and everything was fine for 3 years until 2 months after the warranty had passed. My now ex-wife (it was an amicable split) called to tell me the tranny had puked up huge amounts of transmission oil and the car was now parked in the driveway in Raytown. The car has about 160K miles on it.

    I couldn't bear to part with it. Everything in that car was in excellent shape, including new tires, and except for this stupid transmission issue it was reliable and I just didn't want to give it up to a pick-your-part or junkyard. I towed it back to Bakersfield back in 2015 and it has sat in my driveway ever since for lack of extra funds.

    Now I have the funds, but I made the mistake of investigating if the motor will ever make the car become a collectors item, and to my chagrin, have found this will probably not happen in my lifetime (I am 63). I used to be a Triumph TR3 gear-head, where I bought a spare car to make 1 out of 2. I have worked on cars and raced motorcycles until my 40's and you could say my mechanical life peaked in 2006 when I closed down a motorcycle shop during the housing recession. The Taurus has occupied that mechanical room in my mind where the spirit of my youth and pursuit of speed and excitement past are kept.

    So what do you say when you can buy a 1998 Taurus SHO for the price it will take to get yours on the road? And with less miles? Time to close the door to the mechanical room and move on. I have other priorities and although I would love to pump $10K into this car, fix the tranny, and make it into a fantastic ride with 17" American Wheels, new paint, modern lighting and other goodies. I think I need that money for other things down the line.

    So before I call up the junkyards in the area to tow it off, I thought I would offer it to anyone interested who might want to fix it and put it back on the road. Or use it to put another SHO on the road. Let me know what you think or if interested. I could probably tow it to buy a new car at one of these bring-yer-junk sales that are held from time to time, but they would junk it as well.

    Thanks for reading my story. For many reasons, I'm going to really miss this car.

    I'll sell to someone with a genuine interest in using the car for their own pursuits, or if you are someone who actively parts out cars for the community, I'll let it go for $600. It's worth it. Tires are lightly cracked but ought to drive for another 20K in good weather. Paint clear coat on the nose has the usual flaking, but the rest of the car can be restored with some light buffing. Leather Interior is good but our 130 lb. Weimaraner spent her time on the back seat, so it is a bit cracked, but not torn. It has a 2 year old air conditioner compressor that was replaced. Has the full CD sound system that still works with the cassettes in the trunk. Dash doesn't have any cracks. Get in touch with me via email at [email protected] and we can arrange a call.


    Curtis Fisher
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    Best of luck, hope the SHO finds a good home.

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