13" Brake Upgrade

Discussion in 'V8 - Performance Upgrades' started by gamefanatic, Jun 8, 2019.

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    I am looking to do the 13" 99-04 Cobra/Mach 1 brake upgrade to the SHO, but want to go with braided brake lines. I see SHO Source and others selling these, but not sure if they work with the 13" Calipers. Seems like the caliper hole is further away than the GT. Does anyone have any experience with running new brake lines with this setup?
    I measured the distance from the calipers mached up on the car:
    RF: ~26.5"
    LF: ~24.5"
    RR: ~24.5"
    LR: ~24.5"

    Rear line is stock so nothing changing there. The Cobra setup appears to need about 1-2" more to mate up. Unless I am just measuring wrong... :confused:
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