1. FShearer

    2015 front end noise (video attached)

    This noise started when backing into my driveway with wheel turned to the right. Noise continues going forward, but then seems to go away. Already replaced front CV shaft and the noise continues. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. I

    92 SHO transmission

    Good deal how y'all doing. I'd tell you how I'm doing but I ain't imnotsureyet. Anyways I just got word that it's going to cost me anther $3680.00 to get my car fixed guy at the shop said I need a new transmission and clutch. Has anyone had any experience in a matter of such as this that may...
  3. cordell

    Funky shifting w/ Livernois 3-bar v11 91 octane tune

    Hey guys, new here and not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this type of question. Anyways here it goes. I have a 2013 SHO, performance package with the 20” wheels etc. I have a Livernois tune and I’m running the 3-bar v11 91 octane tune (I have LMS 87, 89, then performance 91 and 93...
  4. cordell

    Funky shifting w/ Livernois 3-bar v11 91 octane tume

    Hey guys, new here and not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this type of question. Anyways here it goes. I have a 2013 SHO, performance package with the 20” wheels etc. I have a Livernois tune and I’m running the 3-bar v11 91 octane tune (I have LMS 87, 89, then performance 91 and 93...
  5. BKiller

    Did I just lose my transmission?

    My 2013 has 85k on it. Leaving work today. Driving slow out of parking lot, less than 25mph. Sudden Large THUNK from the driveline as the dash lights up with warning and AdvancTrac notices. I roll to a stop to see what’s up. Shut off car to try to reset the AdvancTrac, which has worked...
  6. J

    Need a new transmission

    My 2014 Taurus sho (PP) has 95,000 miles on it and the transmission just gave out on me. I put the car in park after coming to a complete stop and heard a large clunk and now my car shifts and drives poorly. I believe it has interior damage to the trans and the trans case is cracked. I need a...
  7. S

    Transmission Rebuild & Upgrade

    I believe my transmission is starting to slip in at leas 1st and 6th as well as occasionally 'neutral dropping' from a stop (try to accelerate from a stop and engine winds up like it's in neutral, then drops into gear, sequels tires and accelerates. It has only done this 3-4 times in the last...
  8. DrAMP14

    Looking for a Gen 2 Automatic Transmission

    Hey everybody, I am looking for an automatic transmission for my 1993 Ford SHO. I live in southern MN so if you’re close I would be willing to pick it up. Mine decided it no longer wants to get past 2nd gear :( thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!
  9. Daniele


    Good Morning, I am really really irritated lately with my car and how it is driving. I had changed out my transmission fluid within the past 6 months and about 2 months ago I started noticing that sometimes my car wasn't shifting correctly or - for instance - getting on the highway on the on...
  10. R

    Clutch Pedal Issue?

    I know there are a bunch of threads and this has been beaten to death but I’m a new 1994 Ford SHO owner and I have a couple of questions in regards to my jacked up clutch. Bought the car super cheap off a dude who said “he burnt the clutch”. I’m confused as to where I should start...
  11. Cole maclachlan

    Suzuki samurai 3.0 Mtx swap

    I know it will be complicated (very) but is this do able? Also how complicated will it get? subframe, transmission, 4x4, the whole kit and kabutle!! I want it to be a thing for let me hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance
  12. rpettey

    Gen3 V3 long block and short block, Trans, k-member

    Greetings, I have many Gen-3 parts. 1. Long Block - miles unknown, on factory crate pallet. 2. Short Block - 74k, out of my 98 when I put an NOS engine in it. 3. 97 SHO trans and converter. core $300 takes all. You must have a hoist, trailer etc.... I don't. Parts are as is, no warranty...
  13. DouglasB_SHO

    Dealer says don't change tranny fluid on 2011 SHO 90K miles

    I took my 2011 SHO in for 90K service and my Ford dealer recommended I NOT change the transmission fluid. Their argument was that it's not worth the risk (to them?) to do it if it hadn't been done every 30K. I had it flushed and filled at 60K without any issue. There are no current issues with...
  14. BayAreaSHO

    Shuddering When Accelerating...

    Recently I have been noticing a shuddering when I go more then a quarter throttle while in low RPMs in manual mode. Not quite sure if its the transmission, mounts, or AWD system. Any help would bee greatly appreciated. It feels like the car is rocking back and forth super fast and slightly
  15. Pacers182

    Transmission drain and fill

    Hey guys I just hit 60k not too long ago and want to change my trans fluid for the first time. I’ve tried searching but I’m not getting any relevant results, so I’m looking for confirmation of the best method. I’m guessing it just consists of pulling it up on the ramps and draining from the...
  16. BayAreaSHO

    2011 SHO 2nd Gear Clunking, and Jerking?

    Intermittently when I am driving my SHO in manual mode (its an auto) when shifting into 2nd gear it clunks into gear, and it is the most noticeable when downshifting from 3rd to 2nd it jerks the car all over the place. If I let it downshift naturally in manual mode it downshifts from 3rd into...

    2013 Transaxle swap into 2012

    Hi, I joined this forum a while ago when I bought my SHO but haven't been active for a while. I have two problems one is the waterpump the other is the transmission. My SHO has 150k and I'm almost certain the transmission has never been serviced. I changed the fluid several times but...
  18. Zpak

    Why can’t Ford stop my Trans leak!?

    So, I squeaked my slipping transmission in my ‘14 SHO into Ford with one month and 700 miles left on my powertrain warranty, bad torque converter. So they did that and I figured while they’re in there do the PTU fluid. I get it back and it’s leaving dinner plate sized puddles of trans fluid on...
  19. C

    what ails my beloved SHO

    I have two issues, neither can be good. I am not skilled but a learner. Let me know if i am on track or off track. At about 50 mph to 60 mph cruising the back roads to work, when i accelerate lightly the car jerks like it is going to gears wrong. If i hammer it, it shifts fine. I suspect...
  20. 8

    1989 SHO Help Needed

    I purchased a one owner 1989 SHO in October of 2016, and have since replaced most of the suspension components, brakes and hardware, removed the rear brake bias valve, replaced the front and rear hubs and wheel bearings, cv axles, and most recently the clutch and complete exhaust system. It has...

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