1. shaldaya

    any gen 1 cowl/carbon hoods?

    I haven't seen anything yet, but I am curious if any cowl or carbon hoods were ever made for the gen 1 or if anyone has even tried making one themselves?
  2. Night Runner

    Good tire rim combo

    So I was looking through the tire and rim info and I couldn’t find the largest tire I can fit. I know it says 17” works with rubbing (Gen1 btw), but I found the tires I want have more options under 18” something I dont think would fit what are the biggest I can run so I know the most I can do...
  3. Night Runner


  4. Night Runner

    Compression ratio?

    So I’m just gathering info for the future. I’m wondering what compression ratio in a 3.0 SHO would be 92 octane. I would like to know so I could run premium pump gas so I don’t have to buy any race gas. Save some money
  5. Ford wood

    Shocal sho club SHO owners

    Let's get a meet going in the northbay. Anyone down for an August or September meet? Let me know!
  6. J

    Hello from KC

    Hello. My name is Jeff Poole. I'm in the Kansas City area. I no longer have an SHO, but I have quite a few Gen1 parts that I finally moved down from the attic after 15 years, yesterday. I will work with the admin of this site and get pictures posted ASAP. Thanks.
  7. 9

    Classic First Gen-91 SHO Excessive Battery draining- Bad Coolant Temp Sensor?

    Hello SHO-Forum and thank you for your potential help. Gen 1 91 SHO ashamed to say front end damage, nothing to bad, ac compressor is messed up but it didn't work before so i haven't fixed it,Replaced the radiator after the accident and it seemed to be running fine until the engine fan kept...

    What do you all wanna see??

    Hi guys and gals. New to the forum. I have a 1989 SHO that I love. I also have a complete engine and trans, a 3.0 mtx mileage unknown. Looking to swap into something lighter than a taurus. Preferably a small lightweight two door car. What are your thoughts? What do you want to see me put it in...
  9. D

    Hesitation and stuttering during idle/acceleration

    Hey all, I have a 1990 Gen 1 SHO 160K miles and it was running great until one day I noticed that it stuttered and then it progressively got worse. Now it seems like when it is under load / accelerating it stutters and seems to really struggle. Once I get above 3 - 3.5K rpms it doesn't have...