1. C

    clutch going

    Hello, I think my clutch is going out. Can anyone suggest a clutch brand. I have a pretty fixed income and the clutches seem to be in 2 groups price wise. For example, the rhino brand available on ebay is $172. But a centerforce clutch has a much higher price. Any help will be...
  2. T

    ShoSource Ali Flywheel Question

    Full disclosure, I’m attempting an engine swap in an 89 that spun a bearing, much more complex job than I’ve ever attempted. I’m Just somewhat car Savvy so apologies if my question seems simple-minded. I’ll have a mechanic friend helping me when the time comes though, for now; The ShoSource 8lb...
  3. R

    Clutch Pedal Issue?

    I know there are a bunch of threads and this has been beaten to death but I’m a new 1994 Ford SHO owner and I have a couple of questions in regards to my jacked up clutch. Bought the car super cheap off a dude who said “he burnt the clutch”. I’m confused as to where I should start...
  4. Night Runner

    New clutch and flywheel

    So I purchased a new clutch kit and fly wheel after all of my mishaps I feel like driving the SHO on two out of three torque bands I was ready for that performance clutch I wanted. I saved up the money and bought the clutch I then had the better idea to buy an aluminum flywheel even seeing how...
  5. S

    In need of clutch help

    Did full bare block rebuild, got everything done and ready for first start up and there was a fuel leak on the fuel rail. So that is holding me up right now. I have to heli-coil a broken bolt that holds the fuel rail onto the heads and injectors... My main problem is there is no clutch pedal...
  6. 8

    1989 SHO Help Needed

    I purchased a one owner 1989 SHO in October of 2016, and have since replaced most of the suspension components, brakes and hardware, removed the rear brake bias valve, replaced the front and rear hubs and wheel bearings, cv axles, and most recently the clutch and complete exhaust system. It has...
  7. M

    Clutch time

    I’m gettting ready to do the clutch on my 89 sho. I have a couple questions for the guys that have done it, my sho is in good shape other than the clutch but what else do I need to do the job? Like seals or ect? I’m not going all out or anything I just wanna fix the clutch and drive my car and...
  8. M

    Clutch for 1991 SHO

    Hello ! I don't have a problem right now -- just a question. Last year my mechanic installed a new clutch in my very good 1991 SHO ( ~ 76,000 miles ) but said it was the last one available in the entire country and I must be very careful how I use it. Is this correct -- that when this wears...
  9. EugeneSchreiber

    Clutch for 1992 SHO

    Hi! Just bought 1992 SHO in decent shape, but it needs clutch change due to inaproppriate repair. In Ukraine there isn't any single thing, so I started to look to eBay and found few options in 220-450 price range. Obviously, I'd like to save some money, but also to avoid real crap as well. Which...

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