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  1. CastorTroyN7

    '91 hood hinges

    They shouldn't be. The hood and fenders were the same on the SHO as the other trim levels, so the hinges should be interchangeable between the trims. The part numbers are E8DZ16796A for the right hinge, E8DZ16797A for the left hinge. Those part numbers pretty much cover all the 1st Gen Taurus...
  2. CastorTroyN7

    2015 SHO Stumbling/Bogging Down

    Have you tried checking to see if there are any stored fault codes in the computer? Not all codes will trigger a check engine light, but it may help you narrow down where the problem is. A cheap Bluetooth ELM327 OBDII scanner with a program like Dash Commander, TorquePro, Car Scanner or...
  3. CastorTroyN7

    2015 front end noise (video attached)

    Not exactly sure what the noise itself is, but the tire moving that way, jerky, is normal when one tire is off the ground, and you leave the traction / stability control engaged. The car senses one of the wheels moving, when the others aren't, and assumes the car lost grip. Turn traction...
  4. CastorTroyN7

    Possible cylinder 6 misfire

    I'm new to the Ecoboost SHO world, but have a ton of wrench time on the 1st Gen SHO's. First, those plug wires look old, the previous owners may have replaced the plugs, but unless they used a set of cables from a junk yard find, there's no way they replaced them. This is going to be a really...
  5. CastorTroyN7

    Blacking Out Chrome Trim Question

    Thank you, and thank you everyone for all the information!
  6. CastorTroyN7

    Blacking Out Chrome Trim Question

    Wow, now that's a setup! I don't think I've ever seen a SHO with the red lettering on the tires.
  7. CastorTroyN7

    Blacking Out Chrome Trim Question

    For those who blacked out all of their exterior chrome trim pieces, what product (or products) did you use to do it? I live in Wisconsin, so we deal with high heat & humidity, but also sub zero temperatures with snow and ice. I like the look of it being blacked out, but don't want to use the...
  8. CastorTroyN7

    Drive Bright Front Accent LED's

    I ordered a set of LED Accent lights for the SHO, they came in yesterday, and installed them today. They are really darn bright, and wire into the blinker system as well, turning the LED's amber and blinking. Not sure if anyone here has installed these, but they are cool. Instructions are...
  9. CastorTroyN7

    Rear Bumper Reflector LED's and Illuminated Door Sill Inserts

    Last one for the night, just excited to be back in the SHO world, and want to put my own 'mark' on my car. I'm looking for two things, and I'm not even sure they exist, but wanted to ask. I'm looking for a LED light replacement for the bumper mounted reflectors. I had some on a Mazda 6, and...
  10. CastorTroyN7

    Sync 3 & Android Auto - Disable Auto Launch & Google Assistant?

    Must have missed that step during setup. I'll reset it on my phone and sync system and try it again. Thank you!
  11. CastorTroyN7

    Sync 3 & Android Auto - Disable Auto Launch & Google Assistant?

    New to the Sync 3 system, came from a Sync 2 in my 2014 SEL. Have a few questions about the setup. First, is there any way to prevent Android Auto from automatically launching when plugging my phone in? If I want to use it, I can hit the button, but it automatically launching is annoying...
  12. CastorTroyN7

    2018 SHO - Dirty Exhaust Tips

    Gotcha. Small price to pay I guess, but wanted to ask to make sure it wasn't something else maybe going wrong. My second SHO, first one was a 95, so no turbos on that either.
  13. CastorTroyN7

    2018 SHO - Dirty Exhaust Tips

    Just took delivery of a 2018 SHO yesterday, and one thing that drove me nuts was the soot and junk on the exhaust tips. Cleaned them up, and after a little 'spirited' driving this afternoon, I had some more of this **** on the tips. Is this normal? Is there any way to clean the exhaust system...