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    Steering wheel spline count and diameter?

    Does anyone know the spline count and diameter for a 95 SHO 3.2L?
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    Does oil conduct electricity?

    Hey there guys, I am asking this to ease my mind during oil changes. With the design on a 1995 SHO, the starter is right underneath the oil filter. When I had changed the starter, I made an error in which the battery lines touched the starter solenoid, causing the car to try to start with no...
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    Does a 95 SHO ATX Have a OBD-2 Port?

    As the title asks, does a 95 SHO 3.2l have an OBD-2 port? I have been looking through my maint manual as well as on the vehicle and have not been able to find one.
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    Dashboard Backlight Not Working (sometimes)

    Hey guys, I have gotten a 95 Taurus SHO running, 3.2 ATX. I noticed that it’s like a 50/50 chance that the dash lights actually function. Currently, turn signals and all indicators work except for the speedometer, RPM gauge and fuel/heat thingy. So at night I am not able to see any of it...
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    Jack points?

    Hi there guys, working on a 95 SHO 3.2L. Was wondering what the jack points/ positions for the jack stand are? Trying to lift the front to get at the starter and was worried about bending the metals underneath as I’m not amazingly versed in mechanical stuff. Thank you :) if you could like...
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    Restoring 95 SHO

    Heya guys. I’m restoring an emerald green 95 SHO, used to be my uncles but now I want to get her going and pretty again. It is nice to meet you :) If possible I would like to know who has/previously has owned one just in case I have any questions as I continue with this.

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