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  1. TheJCamSHO

    SCT X4 tuner question

    Hello I’m looking at purchasing an x4 tuner. I’ve done research and found that the model number that I need is 7015. I have found some for sale online for a good price, cheaper than new. One that I’m looking at is an X4 7015 but is described as a tuner for an eco boost f150.. I’m wondering if...
  2. TheJCamSHO

    Jeremy from Houston

    Hello I’m Jeremy and I’m from Houston. I just picked up a 2015 taurus SHO with 32k miles. I mistakenly posted a sort of intro thread in the performance section. Reason being is that I am already looking to make the car faster LOL. I previously owned a 2014 Taurus Limited. I absolutely love...
  3. TheJCamSHO

    New SHO who dis?

    Hello. Im Jeremy and I Just bought a 2015 SHO with 32k miles this week. Im familiar with forums as I was an LS1tech guy for years. Anyways I bought the SHO and I absolutely love this car. I had a Limited model before this car and I’m very happy with the upgrade. Im looking to start with some...