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    How do we report scam profiles?

    I have or had a WTB on the site. A few days ago I received a response to it that had pretty acceptable language but they wanted me to reach out to them via email. The email of course was fully spelled out with dot com versus .com. The membership was also just hours old. I asked them to provide...
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    Ford OEM 18 x 8, 5 x 4.5 wheels and tires

    I found these while looking for some wheels for myself (they don’t fit my 3rd gen Taurus). Seller was not sure what they fit so I had them take some photos and I looked up the part number. I shared the info with them. These are Ford OEM wheels and I believe original tires for the 2016 and 2017...
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    WTB Gen 3 HID Retrofitted headlights

    Looking for a set of retrofitted HIDs for a 99 Bull. If someone is capable of building, give me a price for a set. Size of course dictates bi-xenons, and I'd like to have a simple set up as such: Angel Eye - ring: Normally white that would be linked to ignition, and flashing amber tied to turn...
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    Gen 3 Aftermarket Radio Faceplate w/ EATC, vent visors,

    Hi Folks, I'm seeking a few items. The first two are actual buys / physical items I'm looking for. I have a Gen 3 / 1999 Ford Taurus Wagon I'm seeking a replacement faceplate to use an aftermarket stereo that has the EATC / electronic temp control lower half. I'm hoping to find one in decent...