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  1. Sammyp

    Dead load sensor/proportional valve '94

    I too need a new Proportioning Valve and have had no luck finding a NOS one. Has anybody had any success in finding a source. Parts are very hard to find. If I do find one, what is a fair price?
  2. Sammyp

    Lowering springs

    Any opinions on: Sachs struts front and rear, KYB strut mounts and Moog springs
  3. Sammyp

    Lowering springs

    I'm one of those people who likes to purchase everything at once. Getting a bargain on front Gabriels and then having to find identical rears seems a little sketchy. My mechanic recommended I try Sachs struts front and rear. I could then use the KYB strut mounts and Moog springs from SHO...
  4. Sammyp

    Lowering springs

    By the way I don't do Facebook (nor do I wish to) so I have no access to those forums
  5. Sammyp

    Lowering springs

    Hello, I don't think I have ever posted before: Has anyone tried the KYB SR4017 & SR4018 Strut Plus strut assemblies currently available on Amazon. They are a little bit pricey but I have a 1994 ATX with the factory originals on all four wheels with 70,000 miles and they definitely need...

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