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  1. Airborne

    High Watt Headlight Bulbs?

    For those of you that have experimented with high wattage bulbs for the GEN 1 (9004), any experience with melting the housing? Find one that is higher wattage than stock that you are happy with. I already have installed heat resistant plugs and sockets when I installed relays and 12 ga wire...
  2. Airborne

    Blind hole rivets, Titanium

    Blind hole rivets, Titanium, for bumper and lower cladding. Silver or grey of a Gen 2 would work also. See picture below. Need 4, if you got half a dozen or more, i will take them. 4 trips to junkyard and no luck, so I am willing to pay for your time to remove them and mail them. Has a...
  3. Airborne

    Tire pressure label?

    Can any one post or email me a good quality picture of the tire label on their 89 SHO? And the dimensions? It is on the rear pass door jam.
  4. Airborne

    3.2 pistons?

    Any one willing to let go of some 3.2 pistons they have collecting dust? Used is fine, any over size or STD. Included new rings would be icing on the cake.
  5. Airborne

    Caliper bracket adaptors, rear 11.6 '89

    Caliper bracket adaptors, rear 11.6 '89 Not available anymore from SHO Source.
  6. Airborne

    Original battery?

    Anyone able to verify original battery that came in a GEN 1? I am thinking it is BXL-34, but all sites say BXT-65 which doesn't fit the battery tray quite right. I have a dead BXL-34, about 2 decades old that fits in the tray perfect.
  7. Airborne

    TSB Vent tube

    Is this what Ford does when updating vent tube on PTU? Or is this factory? My 2012 MKT does not have this. Havent checked, but could this mean I have a drain plug on my PTU?
  8. Airborne

    Replacing the entry keypad?

    I tried the search feature, must be not searching correctly. Can someone post a link re: replacing the entry pad? My 5/6 button works about 25% of the time and then I really have to press the button hard. Thanks
  9. Airborne

    Battery insulator?

    Does the Gen 4 SHO come from the factory with insulation around the battery? A black rubber cover for the negative terminal?
  10. Airborne

    Got one!

    Sort of, it's the Cousin. 2012 MKS He'll of deal, drove to Utah to get it, old couple owned it, never drove it. It has the Limited Edition Ecoboost Appearance Package, red "S", spoiler with chrome insert, body colored lower cladding, darkened headlamps, tuxedo stripe on the seats, metal trim...
  11. Airborne

    1989 cassette deck/radio

    One that works. I have 4, and 3 have no reception and one has no illumination
  12. Airborne

    Found and bought a 1989 Titanium

    Found this in the SHO Find section. I picked this up in Spokane and drove to AZ with out a hitch, just got finished giving it the once over. Original paint on body, except the bumpers. Touch up on the hood edge could be a be a better match. Pretty good job except they did not align the rear...
  13. Airborne

    Not a SHO, but still ecoboost!

    And 4500 pound tow capacity
  14. Airborne

    RDU fluid change interval.

    Tried a search, found most change the PTU at 20k intervals, what about RDU fluid change intervals?
  15. Airborne

    Used Clutch

    Any body holding onto a used clutch and shipping wont break the bank to 85302? Just trying to get a GEN 1 up and going again. Thanks
  16. Airborne

    Remote start install instructions?

    Anyone work at a Ford dealer and can help me out? Bought a NOS remote start kit, AA5Z-19G364-B and the instructions say I have to log on as a Ford dealer to download the instructions. So, can some one help me our and download the instructions and post or send me a scanned copy. Thanks in advance!
  17. Airborne

    Difference between pistons?

    Can someone explain the offset difference between left bank and right bank pistons? SHO NUT has a little on it, but I still don't see it. I have them in front of me.
  18. Airborne

    1989 Black SHO

    1989 Black SHO, mechanically sound and all maintenance up to date. $3100. Also have a MTX With quaife installed I am selling for $1100 1989 Taurus SHO, Well maintained and 60K service completed 10,000 miles ago. No oil leaks. Has aftermarket y-pipe and passes emissions. It is 100 % reliable. In...
  19. Airborne

    MTX with Quaiffe

    I bought off member mrhappytuzi about 15 months ago for $1350 including shipping & PayPal fees. Selling for same. Plans have changed. Or you can pick it up at my house in Glendale, AZ for $1100 cash. Donation sent. Email is [email protected]***.net
  20. Airborne

    Can anyone look at a 1990 SHO Near Portland?

    The red 1990 SHO is on Portland craigslist. Anyone look at it? Or willing to look at it for me? Let me know if it looks as good in person as it does in the ad and if it will make it to Arizona. I would need help with the purchase and storage intil I get my reward flight booked. I will...

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