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    Decision Non PP or PP ?

    Hi SHO Forum, I have been out of the SHO ownership and game for a while since I got rid of my last one a couple years back. Well I am now looking to pick another one up due to missing having one in the garage to play around and drive. I have owed two SHO’s and both have had the PP package in...
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    New All Season Tires Installed

    Well I finally bought a set of all season tires for my 13 SHO today. I ended up going with the General G Max tires. I have to say first impression is very good. I drove them today for about 250 miles and love them so far. They are smooth, quiet and some nice traction and Corning also. As of now...
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    Tire Question

    Ok I am looking to buy 4 new tries for my 2013 SHO PP car. It has the factory good year supercar F1 tires on it now of course. Question has anyone replaced their tires with a great all season type tire but not mess with the ride quality or handling of the factory tires. As we know these...
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    Car Smoking

    We'll it looks like my 2013 SHO PP will be making a trip to the dealer shop this week or next. I am getting massive smoke screen behind me when I drive it appears to be an oil type smoke and smell. What is weird it's not constant seems to come and go. I found that it seems to happen more if the...
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    2013 SHO Tires

    I thought I would share what happened to my 2013 SHO PP yesterday. I got a flat tire on my car so I had it towed to the dealer to get replaced due to I did not want to out that fix a flat **** they give with the car. Come to find out it was not a nail hole it was on the back side of the tire I...
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    2014 Wheels

    Ok I am looking to buy a set of 2014 wheels for my 2013 SHO. If by chance anyone ever seen a set for sale please keep me in mind. I know they are not a big difference but would rather have them in place of the black what I will call flower ones I guess on it.
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    Installed CAI on my 2013 SHO

    Ok so I ordered and installed the cold air intake on my 2013 SHO today. All what I read is for sure true you can hear a big differance but no difference power wise not that I expected that to much. The sound is way more than I ever thought it would be. So time will tell if it stays in long or...
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    CAI Ordered

    I just ordered a CAI for my 2013 SHO. I ended up going with the K&N kit has anyone had anything good or bad to say about this kit please. I did a search on here and think the only thing I read was it will make the turbo sound louder nit sure how much louder or anything at all. Hopefully I...
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    SHO heads up display option ?

    Did they offer a heads up display option in the SHO PP cars ? Only asking cause the 2013 sho I just picked up seems to have a spot on driver side dash at windshield where a HUD would go like my vetts all have. If so I wonder if I can buy the unit and the car has the plugs in place to add that...
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    OEM Mud Flaps / Splash Guards ?

    Would anyone have added or have oem mud flaps/ splash guards on their SHO? I ended up buying one today for a dealer and saw a set they offer to added but was not sure how they would look on it. They seem nice from the picture not anything huge or stick out to far. This will be the very first...
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    New SHO ? please

    Hello I am new to the site as of yesterday. I am in the process of closing a deal on a 2013 SHO with the PP of course on it. I am going to replace my 2010 Taurus Limited I drive now daily for work. My question is I do a lot of driving about 75,000 miles a year roughly. Anyone have any experience...
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    New To A SHO

    Just wanted to start by saying hello to all in here I am new to the site myself. I am looking to buy a 2013 SHO loaded up with the PP as a must in it. My question is I do a lot of highway driving about 75,000 miles a year on average. I currently have a 2010 and 2013 Taurus Limited both used...

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