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  1. DansSHO

    2014 SHO - Representing AZ

    Just recently moved to goodyear if anybody’s trying to do a meet I’m down.
  2. DansSHO

    Help me try to get a performance part made for our platform...

    I know you guys are looking for clutches and specific items to be made but has anybody seen this before? Anybody think it’s worth a shot?
  3. DansSHO

    New to the Sho.

    I understand, you will hear from me soon about purchasing appreciate the info.
  4. DansSHO

    New to the Sho.

    Okay, But the noisemaker delete Is mandatory? And will I need a tune or revision to run it? Can you send me the directions for the kit you would be sending to get a idea at what i would be looking at for installation.
  5. DansSHO

    New to the Sho.

    Definitely would be interested is there any preference to what intercooler that would be better? I was looking at the mishimoto j line. And would you recommend the epp hot pipes? Cause I’m running stock rn.
  6. DansSHO

    New to the Sho.

    Do you offer a set for the 2010-12 gen?
  7. DansSHO

    Painted Pinstripe - Is it a factory option?

    He said a light heat gun and peeling it by hand using his nail where needed. Figuring the cars 10yrs old it came off in pieces and took him longer than he thought.(2 afternoons) After all the pieces where off He buffed it. You can barely tell the car came with the stripe still my need to be...
  8. DansSHO

    Painted Pinstripe - Is it a factory option?

    My car cam from the factory with a pin stripe. The higher trim opt. Had it. I have a 2010 sho non pp my trim level is the 304b the highest trim option and it came with it.
  9. DansSHO

    Painted Pinstripe - Is it a factory option?

    I did have the two pin stripes but Had my them off by body guy yesterday and had no trouble. Mines a 2010 non pp 304b trim level
  10. DansSHO

    2010 SHO with 109,000 miles or Volvo T6 AWD??

    I bought my red 2010 pp form a rep. Dealer with 98,000 did full research and found out it was 2 owners and factory maintained by ford every step of the way. It now has 111,000 and I’ve been keeping up with maintenance. (That is key with any car) the ptu was replaced at 60,000 by ford. I got an...
  11. DansSHO

    **** off valve - vent to atmosphere mod (increase sound)

    I bought the boomba BOV adaptor and it works well if you looking for sound.
  12. DansSHO

    upgrades that are essential for your 2010 and newer SHO!

    The SSM torque mounts? Did they make a difference? And every time I look them up it says fit 2013-2018 explorer 3.5l is it the same fit or is there a separate one?
  13. DansSHO

    Generation 4 Performance Parts

    This still available?
  14. DansSHO

    2013 PP brakes Check these out haven’t bought mine yet for my 2010 pp but heard nothing but good things.
  15. DansSHO


    hey guys just bought a 2010 SHO PP metallic candy red. I’m out in west Az. Already have muffler deleted other than that it’s stock. Looking for first mod ideas? Was thinking about LMS hurricane tune package but also maybe just some bolt ons to start with. Cold air, down pipe, Just want to see...
  16. DansSHO

    2014 SHO - Representing AZ

    I’m out in the west valley Verrado area. Just bought a 2010 SHO PP looking for people in the area as well. Do you know of any EcoBoost clubs or SHO clubs at that?

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