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    Save on A/C Compressor Kits, Fuel Injectors & Distributors

    Unfortunately, A/C compressors for '89-95 SHOs are not available through Four Seasons. RockAuto has the GPD 9734498 A/C compressor kit listed under 1989 SHOs only and they are listed out of stock. I signed up for a notification if one comes available.
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    Service Advanctrac

    I had the "service advancetrac" light come on while driving through some rain/light slushy snow after picking up my 2015 3.7l AWD police Interceptor in Salt Lake City. Turned out to be a bad ABS wheel sensor. Part was Motorcraft P.I. specific, but only like $30. P.S. I also have a 2015 P.I...
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    1995 ATX 82K SHO parts - Pick-n-Pull Oakland

    Unfortunately, its at the Oakland Pick-n-Pull. The WORST P-n-P yard I've visited. I went there a couple years ago for some 1970 Chrysler parts and it looked like they allow the local gangs to jump the fence and smash windshields and whatever else they want to beat on... The car I went to pick...
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    Need a sunroof switch for a 1995 sho mtx

    The switch can be repaired if it has come loose from the cover. I used plastic epoxy to repair mine. Cover is tricky to remove. Two screws under the map light lens, then I believe you pull it down and toward the windshield to remove. Not a difficult repair. I used JB Weld Plastic Bond.
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    1992 SHO exhaust system leaking/very noisy

    A great way to find an exhaust leak (and produce a LOT of smoke) is to disconnect the evaporative vapor hose at the throttle body and hook up a suitable hose and small funnel to ssssllllloooowwwllllyyy pour about 1/2 can of Seafoam engine treatment. It will clean the intake manifold, valves and...
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    Strange A/C Issue

    It could be something as simple as the plastic retaining clip for the compressor power feed broken, and therefore losing connection. I bought a 1994 ATX w/ that issue. The old connectors get very brittle and when you use gorilla tactics to remove the connectors, they break. Always! Solution...
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    How to tell if PP or Non-PP?

    Police Interceptor axle code is 3A
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    93 with 200k

    There ARE better $400 SHOs out there! I bought TWO this summer. Both ATXs. Both needing crank sensors. The 1st one had been off the road for about a year, a Green'94 w/200K. (I originally bought it for a parts car for an identical '94 ATX, but that trans did its slippity do thing so I parked...
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    RockAuto Crankshaft sensor availability! Maybe???

    Just checked (again) on the availability of crank sensors for '89-95 SHOs at my favorite parts store. Guess what? A Walker part #2351426 is NOW LISTED (but out of stock). I requested 10 of the buggers. At least they are now listed...maybe there is hope... I've checked under ignition parts...
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    1989 SHO crankshaft position sensor

    Has anyone attempted to modify the sensor pickup for the 1991-1994 Ford Tempo, Ranger and Mercury Topaz part number F27E6C315BA? The wiring harness plug ends look to be a match, the wiring harness looks long enough and it looks like the sensor could be modified to fit the SHO. There is an...
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    Power steering pump

    I'll bet its the cam seal on that side of the block... Seems that every Gen 1 or 2 cam seal I have leaks there (and front and rear crank seals too) after 25+ years. It will drip down the front of the engine and right on the the catalytic converter shield. It will only get worse... and I need...
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    Dropping the subframe

    That gunk in the coolant passages is most likely a combination of crystalized coolant and some interaction with the aluminum in the heads. Old coolant does that if it just sits...
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    1994 ATX filter fitment issue

    So, there is a metal ring/bushing in the transmission hole, which appears to interfere with the filter (tall seal or short seal) from being inserted into the transmission hole. Its probably about 1/2" wide. This bushing is what the previous filter gasket was stuck to, so much so that I had to...
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    1994 ATX filter fitment issue

    Thanks for the help! After a day to digest the problem, I went back to RockAuto (where I got the Powertrain Components F178 short orange seal filter/17 hole gasket set) comparing the short and long seal filters listed. Before I had seen your response, I ordered a Motorcraft FT-128 as it ONLY...
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    1994 ATX filter fitment issue

    I recently purchased a 200K ATX SHO. I serviced the transmission (real clean fluid, pan and filter) pulled the old filter off the fitting. No clamp or any other attachment point. The new filter had a seal on it, so I attempted to remove the rather robust seal on the inside of the trans...
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    94 Taurus SHO ATX Auto 3.2 Opal Frost Gray Interior - All parts off car with new photos!

    Wondering if you have a crank sensor? If so, how many miles and how much shipped to 97601? Thanks Scott
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    new crankshaft postion sensor 89-95

    I need a crank sensor for a '94 3.2l auto w/ 200K. Owner says it's going bad. (He works at an Autozone) Scott
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    Intermittant no start-NO CEL

    Update on no start issue. SHO has quit suddenly twice, like ignition turned off. Second time I went back to try a restart after about 2 hours and it did restart. Mechanic says NO codes were pulled up, and NO check engine light. He believes it may be the ECM module AS no codes were set, and no...
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    Intermittant no start-NO CEL

    Tach works fine; I'll see if shop pulled codes, if not I'll do it and report back in a few days (still have my taxes to do!) Scott
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    Intermittant no start-NO CEL

    1994 ATX w/ 120K. It has an intermittent crank but no start issue. NO Check engine light! First time, waited about two minutes after fueling and refired. Second time, died while taking a corner fast, and refired immediately. Third time, went into store to get soda, came back out and wouldn't...

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