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    In need of clutch help

    when the clutch pedal is lifted/pulled up the pawl that holds the cable rides up a ramp on the quadrant that disengages the teeth. the tension from the pressure plate pulls the cable back.
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    WTB - 1989 rear Hub

    it's been a few years,,,like 15 or so. early wagons had the same type hubs with replaceable bearings. I compared them once but cannot remember if they were identical. redo: early wagons with rear drums had hubs that are similar to the '89 rear SHO. I'm not sure if they are identical.
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    White 89

    one day moving permit? $600 in back fees??? shoot, life here in good 'ol Ohio ain't that bad after all.
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    Clutch for 1992 SHO

    we should warn you that the transmission in your '92 SHO is not the best for racing. doing burn-outs or aggressively spinning the tires causes the differential to fail. that usually results in total destruction of the transmission. for more information search "blown diff pin".
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    moon roof drain connectors

    oops, bad recollection of what it is
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    New Quaife?

    QDF25Z comes up on the Quaife website as the correct number,,,,,,BUT,, in big red letters it says to contact them for availability. there is a correct picture on that site. same name on facebook
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    Difference between pistons?

    interesting, the right side is offset and the left isn't. what year pistons? 3.0 or 3.2?
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    Difference between pistons?

    I recall checking the pistons a few years ago, no offset. I also recall a magazine article about offset and it mentioned that some blocks had the offset cast into the bores. probably C & D, or R & T. I don't know if our bores are offset from the crank centerline.
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    A/c compressor locked up

    if the compressor is locked up just remove the disk and leave the belt alone. its only held on by the center nut. don't lose the shims! if the bearing inside the pulley is locked up then you definitely need to bypass it.
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    Coolant Leak

    water pumps have a weep hole on the bottom side of the snout. its for pressure equalization. when the seal leaks that is where the coolant drains out. you can see it with a mirror. as the bearings wear the pump shaft moves and pulls away from the seal. if you have a MTX you can lessen the belt...
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    climate control blowing fuse

    after reading sperold's post and further reading: keep in mind the circuits are "ready hi", which means power is always applied to a device but no current will flow until the PCM connects the ground/return to enable a device. first off, the service manual specifically states to run the codes...
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    climate control blowing fuse

    using a 1995 EVTM. the converter lockup signal enters the transaxle on pin 3 of connector C168. its a triangular connector, 2 rows of 4 and 1 row of 2 pins. wire is P/Y. the signal originates in the computer and exits on pin 53. the computer monitors several sensors to decide when to lock up the...
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    climate control blowing fuse

    friendly F Y I,, while at steady speed and applying accelerator to pass, the first thing the transmission does is release the torque converter lock up clutch. even though the engine RPMs jump up the transmission remains in the same gear. that is not a shift to "passing gear", but the...
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    1989 SHO for Sale!! Runs, but does not drive

    damn I wish I had a bigger garage. being retired I now have all the time needed, but no place for another vehicle.
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    WTB 3.0 PCM

    sorry, none in my stock are polished.
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    will only start using starting fluid but will die shortly after

    have you pulled the connector off the CCRM/IRCM and performed a continuity test on pin 5 in the harness? its a pink with black stripe wire, and is the power line to the fuel pump. that wire goes to a splice S152, one leg goes to the PCM on pin 8 for a 3.2, pin 19 for a 3.0 for "fuel pump...
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    climate control blowing fuse

    that should exonerate the alternator and to some extend the engine rocking and moving wires under the hood. what happens if you start the engine in neutral and go directly to drive? stay away from park and reverse, even though reverse works. shift directly to first, not drive? 2nd? have you...
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    climate control blowing fuse

    what happens in reverse? quick jabs on the throttle in park or neutral?
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    climate control blowing fuse

    first off, look at the shifter wires as stated. check the wires from the oxygen sensors too, they join at a splice, go thru a connector, and join a bigger splice before going back to fuse #5. ok, fuse #5 it is. that runs a butt load of circuits. some go thru a connector under the hood. between...
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    climate control blowing fuse

    are you talking about the fuse panel above the parking brake pedal? which fuse? fuse #9 30 amps feeds the EATC, A/C- heater mode switch, and blower motor or fuse #17 15 amps feeds EATC blend door actuator, A/C compressor clutch, A/C heater control switch, blower motor speed...

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