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  1. dillrepair

    SHO us your wheels

    sorry to hijack... what grille is that on your car?
  2. dillrepair

    come up north

    thats where i live. boats... like the fitz
  3. dillrepair

    direct port methanol injection

    would it be worthwhile to like spoolgun some extra metal on the drill/tap spots on the manifold? i don't have an ac tig. just dc. how should i tap them to avoid ripping too much metal out?
  4. dillrepair

    direct port methanol injection

    yeah, thought about that, maybe it is a good idea. they're not that much if i recall correctly... $150 maybe? is there any porting or mods that can/should be done or anything else worthwhile while i'm in there? is the gasket reusable or whats the procedure there?
  5. dillrepair

    direct port methanol injection

    How about installing it myself? Any pointers on that? I got myself into the SHO game pretty quickly and went with LMS for tuning... for better or worse. (That aspect aside) They’ve said they’ll tune remotely for.. and sold me the parts to install.. direct port meth kit. What else...
  6. dillrepair


    i wish. to get anything same day up here would be some kind of miracle.
  7. dillrepair


    since i see we're having some kind of war here about the whopping 18ounces of ptu fluid i have burned my arm over twice now ... i put the severe gear in ... because its not about pyramid scheme/no pyramid for me... its not even about butt stuff... though if you want i can tell you some stories...
  8. dillrepair

    DiCunzolo GEN4/5 Upgraded Trans Mount Review!

    what durometer bushings are those do you guys think? not at all trying to compete with someone else selling them but instead of spending $200 i'd rather just fabricate them for myself because i have all the tools and equipment including jd2 bender and notcher that i use already for a...
  9. dillrepair

    If you could go back in time with your SHO...

    I haven’t even owned mine long but if anything I would have looked longer for a PP sho. Mine is fine and only has 47k miles but there were red flags (repainted panels despite a clean car fax) and the dealer in Nebraska wouldn’t budge on the price. I presented my a-hole straight at them tho...
  10. dillrepair

    just gonna leave this here

    figured people could caption it as they see fit
  11. dillrepair

    Whistling Sound when accelerating at high speeds/rpm

    i dunno about OP... hopefully she gets back at us about her issue sometime. but now that you posted that i defintely can hear something almost identical to that occasionally when i'm under very hard accel. much fainter, but its very very similar if not the same. no loss of power as far...
  12. dillrepair

    For Sale: New, In Crate, 1989 SHO 3.0 V6 – Complete with Accessories

    lmao. i'm broke just from getting my '16 sho and immediately throwing nurburgrings, a tune, and soon water meth at it.
  13. dillrepair

    Whistling Sound when accelerating at high speeds/rpm

    i don't know if i'd risk it or not, but theres an epoxy called "g-flex" by west system that if you flame prep the plastic will stick and hold stronger than the plastic even. the thought crossed my mind anyway.
  14. dillrepair

    For Sale: New, In Crate, 1989 SHO 3.0 V6 – Complete with Accessories

    dude, seriously. did not think i'd see one of those ever in a crate still. wish id seen this earlier or had the money back when this was posted. it would have been worth having for any fancy project. i've been a yamaha fan for a long time on the DL. miss my v-max.
  15. dillrepair

    Whistling Sound when accelerating at high speeds/rpm

    yeah i mean if shes hearing a whistling sound accompanied simultaneously with a loss of power its almost certainly a boost leak eh?
  16. dillrepair

    Whistling Sound when accelerating at high speeds/rpm

    do you know offhand is there a way to cap that off without buying the new hot pipe? sooner or later i will get to either fabricating or buying better plumbing for this but since i just got it don't want to go too far before i know if its reliable or not.
  17. dillrepair

    Whistling Sound when accelerating at high speeds/rpm

    It’s hard to say for sure... I’m still very new to this car but I’d personally start by associating the behavior with very specific circumstances if possible. What did the dealer say was wrong with those parts the first time Or I guess I should say why did they say it needed replacing and...
  18. dillrepair

    PTU and Engine Oil Change...

    "iv style". your pic reminds me of the other day giving blood to a guy in icu. nice clean high viscosity blood.
  19. dillrepair

    Car jacking points, jacking and jack stand locations

    what about from the bottom of the suspension arm in the rear right under the spring? would you guys consider that a safe spot too? i'm looking around at all these options and the cheapest easiest/safest thing i can come up with is using the cross beam i fabricated for my low profile jack...
  20. dillrepair

    Brake Discussion

    i don't understand why so few people are mentioning switching to braided ss flex lines. i wish the goodridge kits were ever in stock i would have bought one yesterday. every single vehicle i own gets some form of brake flex line upgrade to ss/kevlar. it makes the pedal firmer and it...

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