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  1. Peetah75

    New to the car world but not the 3.5L

    Welcome and wow Happy Birthday to you! Good luck with it.
  2. Peetah75

    Things you don't like...

    Hey Michigan-SHO, turning up the volume while during the GPS voice worked! Thanks
  3. Peetah75

    Things you don't like...

    Thanks Mich.. I'll give it a try.
  4. Peetah75

    Things you don't like...

    I wish the climate settings for changing from vent to floor etc. were visible one-touch like the heat or ac seat and heated steering wheel one-touch buttons are. Having to tough 2 or 3 times is more time with your eyes not on the road. Same with ending a route on the nav. And speaking of the...
  5. Peetah75

    First Vehicle I've Purchased!

    Welcome. Agree - follow the advice in the thread, starting with changing of the fluids. Any more pics?
  6. Peetah75

    Excessive Tire Wear

    Thanks. I guess its the brand of tire. Only other thing I wonder about is that since the dealer replaced the rear toe links, the rear hop a little more than before. Dealer said its normal.
  7. Peetah75

    Excessive Tire Wear

    Hey Everyone - New tires after 6K?? I've read these things eat tires but even with a no name brand, I thought they'd last longer. Backstory is when I bought my 2013 PP a year ago, the dealer put 4 new tires on it: Velozza ZXV4s. After 3K miles I had the oil changed, replaced front inner...
  8. Peetah75

    Goodbye SHO World

    Sorry to see you go and congrats on your new ride. Those Durangos are nice! Before I go my 2013 sho last year, I rented often for the NY/BOS run and grabbed an R/T Hemi whenever I found one, Durango, Charger or Challenger.
  9. Peetah75

    2015 SHO Water Pump

    The water pump on my 2013 went last month at 102K miles. I think they said it would have been in the $1500 -$1700 range. Fortunately I had the Ford Premium Care ESP, thanks to advice from yooze guys!, so only cost $100, plus $100 for the timing chain since they had everything apart, I was only...
  10. Peetah75

    Hello form NY!

    Welcome Davis. Have a SHO or thinking of getting one?
  11. Peetah75

    Hi I'm New From Nevada

    Welcome. Is your SHO Tuxedo Black or deep green?
  12. Peetah75

    Quick reminder

    same person offering to refinance my student loans
  13. Peetah75

    New owner 2013 SHO

    Looks nice, very clean exterior. Enjoy your new ride!
  14. Peetah75

    New owner 2013 SHO

    did you get your SHO yet? post some pics when you get a chance.
  15. Peetah75

    New owner 2013 SHO

    Welcome! Looks nice. I got my 2013 with 97k in March. Based on advice from here, changed all the fluids and shopped around for an ESP. Best deal on a Ford ESP was and it already paid for itself with a recent water pump replacement. Interesting change from a...
  16. Peetah75

    Waterpump being replaced - question about timing chain too?

    Thanks again to members of this forum for sharing your knowledge and experience. :hail:
  17. Peetah75

    Waterpump being replaced - question about timing chain too?

    no new glides. By the time I called back they already started putting it back together. But at least i'm covered if they go down the road. The ford ESP has already paid for itself.
  18. Peetah75

    Waterpump being replaced - question about timing chain too?

    Got it back with new water pump and timing chain.
  19. Peetah75

    Waterpump being replaced - question about timing chain too?

    Thanks Majestic and Luigisho. I told them to go ahead. They didnt have the glides in stock but he said they were OK so they are just replacing the chain. I can't wait to get it back.... and give back the fusion rental.

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