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  1. ridered74

    Finally found a local dyno

    Was in the low 70's and I drove it about half an hour to get there and immediately put it on dyno, so probably a wee bit of room for improvement if it was cooled off first, but I'm happy with the numbers. Horsepower was a little lower than I was expecting but torque was way over what I thought...
  2. ridered74

    New full weight PB Kilkare 9-10-2020

    Should have shown up with a quarter tank of gas instead of over half a tank. She ran 12.04, 12.19 and then a 12.01. This run is the 12.04.
  3. ridered74

    459th dragy run

    Full weight even had spare tire in trunk, almost half a tank of gas. Yesterday after a 60-0 I immediately did a quarter run and ran 12.20, which on current tires was a solid tenth faster than I had ever went on street. Thought it was from warming the tires, but also realized I had traction...
  4. ridered74

    Livernois V17 Tune Results

    They sent me the updated V17 tune this week so I figured I'd give it a shot and do some dragy runs on it. Full disclosure, I have the upgraded LMS HPFP, so results may vary slightly for those still on stock pump. Best dragy run was 12.59 @109.84 mph. Also ran a 12.67 @109.06 and a 12.66...
  5. ridered74

    Track Day

    Finally made it into the 11's. Would have been happy with an 11.999 but the car surprised me a little bit and cleared it by a comfortable margin. Removed the passenger seat and the rear seats, they weren't quite as heavy as I was expecting them to be, or maybe I've gotten incredibly stronger in...
  6. ridered74

    More consistent 60' times

    My car has around 65K miles on it, bought it a year and a half ago with 32K on it so I am fairly certain the struts were original. Replaced them last week and my dragy times dropped by a tenth compared to similar days with similar DA's. Sure enough, went to the track and not only had a new PB in...
  7. ridered74

    Dragy Accuracy - Slips vs App

    Went to the track Wednesday to compare the times reported by the Dragy app vs real world time slips. I tried typing them all out in a post, but it looked like a big jumble of numbers and was hard to read, so instead I typed them into a spreadsheet and took a picture of it, which is attached...
  8. ridered74

    Coil Pack Bolts Stripped/Cross Threaded

    I had a shop replace all of my injectors recently, and the first thing I wanted to do when I got it back was put fresh spark plugs in. Four of the six bolts that hold the coil packs down just spin endlessly and feel very tight. Not sure if the idiot cross threaded them or just over tightened the...
  9. ridered74

    LMS vs Gearhead track times

    First off, thanks to Livernois for an awesome track day. If you live within a six hour drive and are a customer, you should go to their next customer appreciation track day. This was a great opportunity to practice launching and mess around with tire pressures. You could literally run down the...
  10. ridered74

    Livernois is awesome. Reason #578

    I had heard for the last 3 years since I bought my 2011 that when you buy a different car Livernois would transfer the tune over to that car for free. Well I put that to the test. I did have to send the tuner back to them and pay 20 bucks to have it shipped back to me, but I received it today...
  11. ridered74

    Replacing the SHO tomorrow.

    With another SHO. Bought my 2011 a little over 3 years ago with just over 100K miles, it will pass 168K miles tomorrow on the way to the dealer. I'm going to hang onto it and hopefully will pass 170K and then sell it. The one I'm picking up tomorrow is a 2015 with 36K miles, black with the 10...
  12. ridered74

    Learned something new this weekend.

    Maybe it's because I rarely have anyone ride with me at night, but this weekend my girlfriend opened the passenger side door before I got to my side of car. When I did get to my side of car, the ground next to my door was lit up. Had never noticed that before, then I noticed the light was coming...
  13. ridered74

    No heat on passenger side

    Just under 148,000 miles, my car finally had the first thing break. Last weekend the passenger side would only blow cool air. Ordered the blend door actuator Sunday night and it arrived yesterday. Spent about 45 minutes contorting my body replacing it today. That giant wire harness doesn't make...
  14. ridered74

    Livernois Customer Service Rocks

    So despite creeping up on 150K miles, last week I decided that now was a great time to put downpipes on my car. I ordered them from the website Tuesday night after drinking a few beers, got notification the next day that they shipped, and Thursday they showed up. I opened the box and discovered...

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