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  1. Wsho

    Junkyard Help

    I need help from my fellow SHO brothers. I am looking for a part I cannot find in California. I'm looking for a passenger side engine mount bracket. I need the bracket that connects to the motor mount Ford does not sell the bracket by itself. I purchased a motor mount 5 months ago it didn't...
  2. Wsho

    Custom Dash Pod

    The Long and waited project i started 6 months ago is back on. I molded a clay Block into a custom made Center dash pod which will hold a 7in screen for my 3D surround camera system. The clay sculpture has been sitting for 5 months and still held its shape. Today I fiberglass the outside of it...
  3. Wsho

    Custom pillar pods

    4 weeks ago I sent out my pillar to get custom pods put on and got them back today and I got to admit they look pretty damn good. not in all the way on but you get the idea Name of the company is Ortiz custom pods...
  4. Wsho

    Ford 3.5 l Ecoboost Engine Problems

    Ford 3.5 l Ecoboost Engine Problems – Everything You Need to Know
  5. Wsho

    Ignition coil connector replacement

    Okay this is my write-up on replacing broken coil connectors. I went on eBay searched for replacement coil connectors you can get 6 of them for $70 or $14 a piece which is absolutely ridiculous. Here's my solution go to the junkyard cut off 6 good coil collectors from another Taurus make sure...
  6. Wsho

    2012/2013 Engine ?

    Okay is there any difference between a 2012 and 2013 engine another word can I get a 2013 engine and drop it into my 2012 SHO? Will everything bolt up to 2013? Found a SHO engine that has 39K miles
  7. Wsho

    Chrome delete front grill

    I was working on the air box cutting out a notch in the top front grill for better air flow and a little piece of Chrome peeled up from the top of the grill needless to say it was so easy just to peel off all the Chrome that's on the front grill took about 20 minutes. So now I can paint it with...
  8. Wsho

    New style Hood

    Browsing around looking for a new motor and I came across this new style Hood. Pretty cool too bad it doesn't fit my car for a 2013 +. What do you think?
  9. Wsho

    custom gauge pod

    One of my many projects custom gauge pod didn't feel like spending $280 on the only one that is in existence. I'm making a custom pod for my 7" screen for the 3D 360 degree camera system for my car. Started this about a week ago here's my progress so far. I use the plate from the top of the...
  10. Wsho

    Engine block plug leak

    I had my thermostat in engine flushed over a month ago I kept smelling antifreeze every now and then for the past month. Today I went to the doctors and when I came out of the doctor's office had a puddle of antifreeze on the ground. Took it to the shop and they found a small engine plug on the...
  11. Wsho

    Dual lightweight air box

    I started this project Friday I'm now 85% complete in producing dual intake airboxs. This Saturday I'll be running the first test run on two different kinds of materials thickness. The new Air boxes will be lightweight ABS plastic 1/8" and 1/4" will be testing the two to see its durability. Plus...
  12. Wsho

    Dash Chrome Delete

    Today I finished a little more Dash Chrome delete about 85% done. just have to finish up knobs, chrome door handles and the airbag trim. Here's some pictures of today's touch-ups.
  13. Wsho

    Throwback picture

    Found some pictures of my old 1990 SHO. God of miss that car Only if I didn't sell my seats these would look good in my car today.
  14. Wsho

    Exhaust size

    I know they say bigger is better but my question is what's the best pipe size for our exhaust system I will be making my own exhaust system at my job looking at polished stainless but what's the best size 2 1/4, 2 1/2, 3 in 3 1/4 Etc
  15. Wsho

    2012 vs 2013

    To all that own a 2013 and up. Has anybody taken apart their Dash bezel for any reason. The question I'm asking is does the bezel come with the air vents pre-molded to the bezel or is it two separate pieces?
  16. Wsho

    Hot pipe delete / Exhaust

    Anyone did a hot pipe delete that still has the old plastic pipes willing to part with for a few bucks I want to take it into my job and have the tube bending guy make me a set. Then take them over to the powder coating guy and get them done. If it works out right I'll make a couple sets before...
  17. Wsho


    I'm in the process of installing the HR lowering springs but I want to replace the front struts and rear shocks. The problem is what's with these suspension codes A B C D and E I'm a bit confused. I have a 2012 Ford Taurus SHO PP. Everytime I find a set it says excluding SHO
  18. Wsho

    Custom engine cover.?

    I'm looking into having the plastic engine cover custom-made exact shape without the plastic lines and made out of metal so we can paint it Chrome it powder coat it Etc. So I'm just getting a head count who would be interested and purchasing a metal custom engine cover for their SHO. Looking...
  19. Wsho

    Driving across country

    I left New Jersey Thursday 3 p.m. took my time stopped at a couple places like the Grand Canyon for two days ended up in California back home. car ran pretty good and fuel was decent running about 26 to 27 miles per gallon on the worst time was running 23 miles per gallon with a headwind but on...
  20. Wsho

    Front grill installed

    Today I installed the front upper grill and OMG what a pain in the ass. Took me a total of almost four and a half hours. after taking off the front bumper which was no problem at all the front grill came apart in 3 sections and that was the most pain. Here's a few pics

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