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  1. SV&HOdan

    ...96 SHOwagon runs for a second or two...

    anybody have any ideas how to permanently disable/eliminate the PATS system? Need this car to be trustworthy to go to the Ford Nationals at carlisle!
  2. SV&HOdan

    What to do with 20 airbags???

    Any ideas out there for alternative uses for airbags? Any components worth saving? Do they ever deploy spontaneously? I have roughly 20 of them, gen1, gen2, gen3, black, grey, mocha, sandstone from cars i parted out years ago. If anybody wants a spare, just pay ground shipping... gotta be...
  3. SV&HOdan

    gen1 vs gen2 seat tracks...same?

    title says it all. thanks, dan
  4. SV&HOdan

    speaker size question

    Anybody know the diameter of the tiny speakers that are on '89's with jbl (and maybe premium sound), the ones in the dash at the base of the A-pillars? Thanks in advance! dan
  5. SV&HOdan

    Any other gen3 SHOwagons out there?

    ...debating whether or not to do the rust repair (both rockers and floor sections) on my V8 wagon. It wont pass PA inspection (tried 3 garages!). I love the car (perfect for lugging parts to Ford Nationals at Carlisle) and was wondering just how alone it is in the SHO community. I saw another...
  6. SV&HOdan

    ...A pair of '90's

    ...parting out a set of nearly identical twins: 1990 electric red SHOs, both with black interiors, one full leather and one leather cloth. Both cars are stock and complete as of now. One has typical PA rust blight and the other is rust free from New Mexico. Bad motor in the New Mexico car.
  7. SV&HOdan

    LOS ok in a 92?

    can an x2j be replaced with an LOS ECM without serious side effects? car is a 92. thanks in advance, dan
  8. SV&HOdan

    Gen2 harness question

    Anyone know if the engine harnesses for 92's and 95 mtx's are the same? thanks, dan
  9. SV&HOdan

    gen2 A-pillar trick anyone?

    I probaby have tried to remove at least 20 a-pillars and I always seem to snap off at least one of the clips. Is there a secret anyone knows to remove these without wrecking any of the three snaps? Thanks in advance! dan
  10. SV&HOdan

    Advice on seat removal

    Front drivers seat wont budge (makes a whimper of a noise) and I cant get to ANY of the bolts/nuts. Not a parts car so I dont want to cut up the floor. Any solution??? thanks, dan
  11. SV&HOdan

    Red '95 ATX/Black on Black '92

    ...two more additions to my micro-sho-junkyard. Cowl hood (Cincy) on the '95 as well as a cold air induction setup and 12.5" front brakes; third brakelight that spells out "SHO"; Bad ****** and rusty undercarriage, other wise nice. Mocha interior with many carbon fibre "accents". Sold: Cobra R...
  12. SV&HOdan

    Runs for a second or two....

    My showagon was stuck in the supermarket parking lot for a week while I tried different things. Car starts but cuts out after a second or two. No theft light on and the fuel pump shut off is not shut off. any thoughts?
  13. SV&HOdan

    Black/Peanut butter '96

    NEW: Dismantling a 1990 electric red/black super stripper (no moonroof, manual ac, no power antenna) with only 70K on it. Borla exhaust will be available in about a month. Seats and steering and maybe the dash are spoken for. Car sat for years on grass and you can guess what the underside...
  14. SV&HOdan

    (1) white 91 center cap

    with no Logo, in good condition. thanks, dan
  15. SV&HOdan

    white 92 & silver '95 mtx

    updated list of parts cars: white/gray '92 titanium '89 black '89 black/tan '96 red/gray '92 white/black '91 white/black '90
  16. SV&HOdan

    Identifying stage 1 cams

    Anybody know how Sho Shop stage one cams can be identified assuming they're already installed? Any unique markings? I bought a set of heads and the fellow claimed they were sho shop stage 1's...I'd like to confirm before I intall or try to sell. Thanks in advance!! dan
  17. SV&HOdan

    Plus spoiler plus more....

    Used parts: 1 '91 Plus spoiler faded green $125 (SOLD) 2 91 Plus hoods $125 ea (1 still available) 2 rod shifters + brackets $90 ea 2 '95 hard button EATC $45 ea 1 near perfect '91 mocha steering wheel $75 1 mtx transmission $275 1 set of mocha seats (1991)...nicest I've...
  18. SV&HOdan

    Troubled93 still trouble

    ...never returned the part he never paid for. Said he would but didnt.
  19. SV&HOdan

    white italian slicer

    I just need one REALLY nice passenger side white slicer. Dont need the cap...just the wheel with no curb rash, no embedded brake dust pits, etc. thanks, dan
  20. SV&HOdan

    Red 96

    motor failure car...gray interior...retired with 140K miles. Also just got in a black 89 parts car...bad clutch...rusty unibody.